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Empire Admin -> The Blues Brothers Coming To TV? (31/8/2011 10:40:49 AM)

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stuxmusic -> Terrible, terrible idea. (31/8/2011 10:40:49 AM)

I hope the networks laugh him out of the office.

sweetladybrick -> (31/8/2011 10:49:37 AM)

He has every right to exploit his creations. I'm sure Blues Brothers 2000 is a valid reminder of how not to though. If anyone can, he can, but the purists will never be happy even if it were better than the original. Though that scarcely happens.

andyswright -> Re: Aykroyd... (31/8/2011 12:54:47 PM)

.... Is the man in debt or something?

BelfastBoy -> RE: Re: Aykroyd... (31/8/2011 7:17:33 PM)

Ah, Dan, what are you playing at? Surely you must have so much money you don't need to work again? So why not just disappear gracefully instead of trying to relive the 80s? Ghostbusters? Old hat, leave it as a classic (even the sequel was pretty good.) Blues Brothers is sacrosanct - a TV show version sounds like a bad joke and hopefully it'll go no further.

hillbillyjim -> Silver Lining (31/8/2011 10:51:56 PM)

Thank you for mentioning How Blue Can You Get as the 'silver lining' of BB2000. That song alone gives the film a free pass from criticism in my eyes. The whole soundtrack's pretty good, to be honest, and the music would be the major reason for a Blues Brothers series being a good thing.

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