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Empire Admin -> The Woman In Black Trailer Offers Chills (17/8/2011 5:57:03 PM)

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baileyp -> (17/8/2011 5:57:03 PM)

im scared

RandyChimp -> (17/8/2011 5:57:44 PM)

Hate to be that guy, but why is an american child doing the voiceover for a trailer of a film that's set in England?


They haven't changed the setting have they?

pushki -> (17/8/2011 5:58:39 PM)

The Woman In Black is one of my favourite books and plays, so I really hope that this film is good, and based on this trailer I think it might actually give me chills.

ashescartman -> American Voiceover (17/8/2011 6:54:36 PM)

Re: RandyChimp, I don't remember that rhyme from either the novel or the stage play (although it has been years since I read/saw them), therefore I'm hoping the voiceover is a trailer-only addition. That, or they've cast an American kid who can't do an English accent. Either is likely. Otherwise, a very effectiive trailer, fingers crossed

fugaziuk -> (17/8/2011 7:57:07 PM)

Why wait till Jan? Go and watch this at theatre - its an incredible play and builds up the suspense masterfully and has the audience litreally shrieking in terror!

Kev2012 -> The Woman In Black (17/8/2011 7:57:16 PM)

The TV movie from the late 80's was terrifying. As is the book and the stage play. As a trailer, it's looking good and creepy, but will reserve judgement until it's out.

batfunk -> Why no mention of this being a Hammer film? (17/8/2011 10:34:41 PM)

Support British companies for a change, instead of constantly sucking up to Hollywood's production line fodder.

antosh25 -> (17/8/2011 11:02:03 PM)

Looks sick !! :)

Ivytown1984 -> American girl (18/8/2011 8:42:18 AM)

I hope old dan has still got an British accent or they have gone got them selfs a little girl who can't. apart from that it does look quite good.

filmburner30 -> (18/8/2011 9:57:33 AM)

Nice to See Hammer going right back to its roots with some nice Terence Fisher like gothic.

The Tv Version was written by that underated genius Nigel Kneale who of course created Quatermass amongst other things

Enzino -> Boo (18/8/2011 10:47:09 AM)

It says the trailer is no longer available. :(

absolute_im_fan -> (18/8/2011 12:22:12 PM)


Creepy. Oh so creepy.

batfunk -> Re: Hammer Logo (18/8/2011 1:21:23 PM)

Schnorbitz, the US version of the trailer just mentions CBS Films and Crosscreek Pictures. Very odd for Hammer to be relinquishing their branding for the American market.

Polly666 -> (18/8/2011 7:01:30 PM)

Ok, I admit that this looks rather creepy; to be fair, nothing makes me say 'jinkies' like Velma from Scooby Doo more than a strange monkey toy (I was totally freaked out in Toy Story 3). However, why, why, WHY the American child??!?!?! seems that there have been some weird insertions into the film i.e the writing on the wall and the three girls walking towards the window. Although, I'm probably only saying this due to having read the book only a few weeks ago... :)

angel503 -> oooohhhhh! (18/8/2011 8:56:59 PM)

hmm dont know if i like the look of this :( im quite scared now but i know dan will be great in it :P good effects cant wait for the rating.

demoncleaner -> RE: The Woman In Black Trailer Offers Chills (19/8/2011 11:27:06 AM)

I've read the book but haven't seen an adaptation of it yet.  I always thought they would have to draw it out and fill it up a bit.  The story seemed very slight to me.  A case of "there's a mystery" and a copuple of pages later it's "so that's the mystery taken care of then".  I have yet to access this trailer but will do so at the earliest.  I'd definitely be interested in hunting out that Nigel Kneale adap mentioned upthread as well.  

lewisb548 -> CREEPY AS FUCK. (19/8/2011 8:37:29 PM)

I will without a doubt, never watch that film, it just looks fucking scary, and the bloody music in the trailer is the worst bit.

Migre -> (19/8/2011 10:25:25 PM)

Really looking forward to this. It's about time we had a decent, old-fashioned thrills & chills ghost story.

bronv2 -> EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!! (21/8/2011 11:14:08 AM)

Description: Conjures an incarnation of the caster's innermost positive feelings, such as joy or hope, known as a Patronus.

It's either that or don't watch it

Sugar Kane -> Goosebump inducing! (23/8/2011 6:51:51 PM)

This actually scared the crap out of me. I don't usually dig horror, but I do like a good ghost yarn! I can't actually wait. Agree with the voiceover comments, what is that? American or Irish?

bronwattage -> (24/8/2011 9:18:03 AM)

awesome trailer!! Can't wait to see that!

drews -> (24/8/2011 4:49:07 PM)

I'm tired of little all-knowing kids in horror movies.

whoatherepickle! -> (25/8/2011 10:45:50 PM)

Oh my! That is very creepy! I read the book in high school, it scared me then ( thanks to an amazing english teacher, his pronunciation of her name still makes my spine tingle; "Ddrrrrablow" ) and it still scares me now.

Fantastic. Can't wait.

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