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Empire Admin -> First Look At The Rock In GI Joe 2 (16/8/2011 8:03:56 PM)

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ravagee -> RE: Bad ass pic (16/8/2011 9:38:30 PM)

I really hope the second one will be an improvement from the first one because I was really disappointed by it. Hopefully the fact the Rock is in this will be enough to make it awesome!

azzman1984 -> RE: Bad ass pic (16/8/2011 11:56:42 PM)

I think The Rock is gonna bring a whole lot of fun the role of Roadblock and i can't wait for him to blow shit up as well [:D]

MonkeysDad -> (17/8/2011 2:31:37 PM)

No Stath = no sale.

MusicLovesYou -> They should re-tool The Expendables... (17/8/2011 4:25:55 PM)

With the team this time consisting of The Rock, The Stath, The Willis, The Butler (could also be a character name) and The Dean Morgan, all led by their charismatic but absolutely fucking bonkers (and just a mite racist) boss, The Gibson. The film could be called 'The Weapons'. They get their own character banners, I can see it now...'Dwayne Johnson IS A Weapon'.

It would be amazeballs.

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