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princessa -> RE: The Borgias - UK Speed (22/7/2012 3:05:36 PM)

Just seen the first ep of season Loved the opening. The borgia son threatening the priest who couldn't talk. The killing of that little kid...the minute i saw him sitting on the side of the well i thought that might happen.

The rivalry between the two brothers is shaping up nicely. It'll be interesting to see where that goes.

Love it the Borgias are now seeking revenge on those who did not support them.

The only thing i am not lookng forward to is more domestic politics. Julia as one mistress is fine, so why introduce a lover for her as well? Its silly and boring. I don't want see any eps of Julia and the Pope fighting etc.

I really hope this season that they play up on the politics and vengeance side of things.

EDIT - to add stuff.

Just watched ep 6. I love that they are playing up on the political intrigue. Ceasare and his hooded men - brilliant. However i could barely watch the torture scenes. The politics of 15th C Italy is what makes the programme for me.

I must admit that i have only watched a few eps this season. Once again the script is what really lets the series down. They should stop trying to inject humour into it. Whenever Jeremy Irons makes a joke it seems forced and stiff.

I really loved Lucretia last season but Holliday Grainger is overacting something terrible in her few scenes. She was much better as naive Lucretia. Her 'cooking' demonstration speech to the priests was embarrasing.

It seems to me that they don't know what to do with the three main female characters.

Still the series is not that bad so i'll be dipping into it from time to time.

Your Funny Uncle -> RE: The Borgias - UK Speed (5/9/2012 12:28:34 PM)

Still rather enjoying this surprisingly as I didn't think it would really be my thing. Season Two is certainly better than Season One. Arnaud and Oakes are great as Cesare and Juan, completely steal the show. Disappointed in Irons in this though in all honesty, he doesn't seem to have the gravitas that he should for the role. Having said that I did find the 'cigar/turd' scenes quite amusing this week but that could possibly say more about my sense of humour than anything else! [:)]

Some of the battle scenes were great this week......The arrow! [:D]

Certainly enjoying this and it seems to all be coming together quite nicely. Have to agree that the female leads seem to be there for exactly that, just female leads.

buffster28 -> RE: The Borgias - UK Speed (23/9/2012 4:20:44 PM)

really good last couple of eps esp the endings of both - cesare killing his brother !! then the ending of the finale with the poisoning !!! quite gruesome too esp the kids death first.

there is to be a 3rd season though isn't there?

Your Funny Uncle -> RE: The Borgias - UK Speed (28/9/2012 11:26:21 AM)

Fantastic last couple of episodes. Really, really good TV. As much as I hated the character I'm gutted Juan's dead. I certainly think the show will lose something without him. This weeks scenes with Irons burying him was really quite emotional and touching, the score really hit the scene home and I actually thought Irons was top notch for a change.

The ending was also great but was expected.

Really fantastic season! I hope there's to be more...

*Runs off to check...*

Your Funny Uncle -> RE: The Borgias - UK Speed (28/9/2012 11:29:50 AM)


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