Disney Pulls Up The Lone Ranger's Reins (Full Version)

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Empire Admin -> Disney Pulls Up The Lone Ranger's Reins (13/8/2011 8:04:20 AM)

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darth silas -> How can a western cost 250 million? (13/8/2011 11:46:17 AM)

Seriously,how can it cost that much? Its ridiculous.No wonder they pulled the plug.

bnicholson50 -> 250 million? WTF? (13/8/2011 4:24:39 PM)

Why is this costing so much? Are they planning on creating a CG costume for the ranger like Green Lantern? Wait, I know.... Verbinski and Bruckheimer talked to Cameron and now it's going to be filmed underwater using mo-cap & 3D Technology

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