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Empire Admin -> New Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer (4/8/2011 6:18:17 PM)

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tysmuse -> cool (4/8/2011 6:18:17 PM)

terrific use of the xmen soundtrack! - as for the film, looks retro.

Kev2012 -> Outstanding. (4/8/2011 6:38:23 PM)

Excellent cast, excellent director. Never read the book or seen the BBC series, but this looks brilliant. Really looking forward to this.

jordieb -> (4/8/2011 7:12:23 PM)

interesting how the x-men soundtrack sounded better on that trailer than it did in the x-men film.

azzman1984 -> RE: (4/8/2011 7:16:58 PM)

I really really hope this will be the movie that Gary Oldman will win the Oscar, he is long overdue for one.

meno36 -> Best.Cast.Ever. (4/8/2011 9:07:09 PM)

I know its old hat to do the comic book man thing, but this film has all of my favourite actors in it, and if they were acting out a script reject for 2 pints of Lager and a packet of crisps I would be there front row, face full of awe...

PitchBlue -> Could this be possibly better... (5/8/2011 10:10:18 AM)

... than the TV series? I saw the series again only last week to refresh my memory and get me in the mood, because the first trailer looked so damn good, and I reckon there's room for improvement, mainly some of the acting in the series is a bit ropey... I say some. This second trailer looks even better and the cast is incredible. I for one will be booking to see this. Can't wait!

MORPHY -> Wow (5/8/2011 6:43:27 PM)

looks superb and what a brilliant british cast - in your face USA!!!

waterboy -> Can't wait (5/8/2011 8:30:40 PM)

I'm even wishing my holiday away so that I get to see this sooner. It's got to be awesome with that cast !!

Chris L -> Not Sure (6/8/2011 12:03:49 PM)

I've read the book and seen the tv and I have to say I'm still not sure about this. The trailers suggest (only suggest mind you) at least two plot changes that change it significantly. Plus what was that comment saying the acting in the TV show was ropey about? I only have to point to Edge of Darkeness and State of Play for 'best intentions gone bad'.

dolfinack -> RE: Not Sure (19/8/2011 10:35:07 PM)

Oh. My. SHIT!!! I need this NOW

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