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Empire Admin -> A Guide To The Dwarves Of The Hobbit (29/7/2011 3:19:31 PM)

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markswood -> Dwarf or Klingon? (29/7/2011 3:19:31 PM)

Thorin could walk straight onto the Star Trek set as a Klingon warrior!
Maybe he could be called Klingloin.

trinsghost -> Switch the youngin's names (29/7/2011 3:20:11 PM)

Dean is Fili, and Aidan is Kili. You've got them in reverse. ;-)

trinsghost -> Oh, and favorite dwarf? (29/7/2011 3:25:20 PM)

They all look fantastic. A great amount of detail went into each individual dwarf in the storyline. As for favorites though, Fili would be my first pick (go Deano!) followed by Thorin (Richard). I'm sure the latter gent will prove he is no Klingon (already evident by the lack of forehead protrusions). And Fili just looks kickass with his weapons (I see three there) and his mischievous smile.

Enzino -> Kili -- a sexy dwarf?! (1/8/2011 3:14:51 PM)

Who knew dwarves could be sexy? But judging from this picture of Kili I have to agree. Glad there's going to be some eye candy for the ladies and gay guys.

Enzino -> Bofur (1/8/2011 3:25:22 PM)

They'll probably give Bofur more to do in the film as James Nesbitt is playing him.

ktscarf -> RE: Bofur (2/8/2011 3:53:07 PM)

Sorry if this is a silly question but have they papped Rob Kasinsky (formerly off of Eastenders) from the cast then? I thought he featured at the press conference Empire covered in 'The Slate' a couple of months ago as one of the dwarves. [8|]

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