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Empire Admin -> Spielberg Confirms Jurassic Park IV Work (23/7/2011 8:39:38 AM)

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jobloffski -> RE: May it go on and on (23/7/2011 12:05:49 PM)

Hard to see what the story for a JP prequel could possibly be about. If dinos don't run amok, there's no pay off and it's pretty nigh on impossible to ret-con a run amok scenario that isn't referred to in JP1

warren7355 -> (23/7/2011 12:34:33 PM)

Oi! Spielberg! Fuck off and do something else, learn from Lucas that you don't have to squeeze every last drop of money out of a franchise.

nickG -> Fall back on the franchises (23/7/2011 4:04:14 PM)

It'll be more interesting in a year or so if and when they have a workable script. When Spielberg decides it's worth his time directing or taking a seat further back as producer, that's usually a good indicator of whether it'll be worth watching.

trainedasninja -> RE: (24/7/2011 4:55:02 PM)

If not a prequel then I dont see any future in the series... Unless they go for an all out Planet of the Ape style Dinosaur takeother but that would be stupid. Apart from ending on a high which JP3 did not do, I don't think they have any reason to make another. Unless they have come up with a good story that is.

jobloffski -> RE: RE: (24/7/2011 6:58:12 PM)

Click on the article, then click on Speilberg spitballing ideas for JP...That will take you towards the thread with ideas for a new film. I particularly like how the Jurassic Park: Safari idea develops over the course of the thread, but am rather biased towards my own suggestion, naturally[;)]

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