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Empire Admin -> Spartacus Is Back Back Back! (20/7/2011 9:45:44 AM)

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JediBobster -> Blood and Sand (20/7/2011 3:06:50 PM)

Anyone that is even remotely interested in this but hasn't checked out the TV series Blood and Sand really should do so.

Dont' let Empire's throwaway comment of 'gore/boobs-stuffed TV series' put you off - erm...not as if it should - who doesn't want gore and boobs? But the fact is the series is a damned entertaining good time and no-one who I have recommended it too has been disappointed. Sure it has boobs and gore but it also has exciting plots, no dull characters and John Hannah channeling Malcolm Tucker and ahving a whale of a time doing so.

Heartily recommended.


onafriday -> no one's pissed off? (20/7/2011 3:21:49 PM)

im confussed........everytime some shitty 3rd rate horror movie that copuld quite easily be improved upon is remade, everyone jumps up and down "Hollywoods ran out of ideas" "The death of original thought" etc etc. Sparticus is an undisputed classic. A monumental epic. Made by arguable the greatest director the worlds ever seen. With one of the greatest cast lists ever and a truely revoloutionary writer tieing it all together......but now people are happily tossing off names for who could play the lead (and some pretty fucking awful suggestions they are too (Gerard Butler .......THE FUCKING ROCK!).

THIS IS AN AWFUL fact its not even an idea.....its a cynical cash-in and should avoided by anyone who considers film to be an artform

Does anyone here really think it will be

A- in any way comparable to the quality of Kubricks version

B- have any redemming qualities at all

C- that it'll do anything other than lazily cover the same ground but with a scrap of the intelligence, drama, emotion and scope of the original

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