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Empire Admin -> Jaume Collet-Serra Hired For Akira (15/7/2011 4:27:28 AM)

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Simon124 -> Here's an idea... (15/7/2011 1:36:13 PM)

If you can't afford to make a $200m movie - DON'T DO IT. Why waste $90m on something that's just going to be rebooted (again) by someone who can afford it? Just wait a while, the market will pick up..... Oh forget it.

Johnny_A -> What I wouldn't give... (15/7/2011 2:32:37 PM)

to have a look at the latest draft of the screenplay. This movie has been through hell already. My confidence is actually building up in the hopes that the live action flick won't ever be made. Any remake or reinterpretation can be done well, but the odds are STACKED against success. Too many issues with money, money, and money. That's what it all boils down to.
I'm trying to envision what 90m would give Akira. If it's a duo of films like the original plan, then it better be 90m each and not for the whole. I believe most of the money would go into the climax of the film when Tetsuo begins losing control of his own body. The scene in which Tetsuo is in that weird machine being tested for evidence of the Power. That would cost a lil penny. Also, any psychic displays, especially when Tetsuo finally breaks out of the hospital and the events leading to the climax. But I'm thinking of the anime version. The manga version, Tetsuo isn't so alpha even after acquiring his powers. SPOILER ALERT!!!! The scene in which Tetsuo punches a hole in the moon would be great to see. That would certainly be an eye catcher. Also Tetsuo taking down SOL. That would be cool to see.
If there are two films, then the first could be done for 90m easily because of the development of the story and characters. Probably end the 1st movie with the crash of Tetsuo and Takashi and the former taken into custody by the Colonel. A good hook to start the film should be the same as the anime. The biker gangs fighting on the streets of Neo Tokyo.
Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents. Consider myself paid.

acsnarf -> Here's a different idea... (15/7/2011 2:37:40 PM)

If you cant afford to make a movie for $90m then dont do it. That's a good budget for anyone to work with. A bigger one would not necessarily lead to quality. If anything, a smaller budget may force a director to be more creative and possibly reduce studio interference. Love to see this made well but looks less likely as time goes by.

Lemure -> Bottom line. (15/7/2011 6:29:37 PM)

Will it be as good as the anime? No, it will not. Wish I could be upbeat about this, but there's no way Hollywood won't balls this up in some way

TheSomnambulist -> Pixar Directors (16/7/2011 6:28:47 AM)

Give it to on one of the Pixar directors. These guys know how to craft a story and they seem almost obsessive about nailing the script long before going into production. Something as complex as AKIRA needs some clever people behind it and Stanton or Bird or Docter would be ideal in realising this.

kielerkai -> It won't work. (16/7/2011 10:49:27 AM)

Not with this director. For this kind of source material, we need someone who's in the same league as, say, James Cameron. Oh wait, there ain't no one.

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