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Empire Admin -> The 25 Greatest Harry Potter Characters (13/7/2011 3:51:58 PM)

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Helen OHara -> RE: Spoilers (13/7/2011 6:04:34 PM)

Both the quote, and most of the description, are given away in the trailer.

Abbsalah and Enzino, those two have been corrected.

Vadersville -> RE: Spoilers (13/7/2011 7:12:28 PM)

Being in the trailer is hardly an excuse. I've managed to avoid the trailer so I wouldn't have known until your article.

pauljthomas -> RE: Sorry for being a real pedant (14/7/2011 12:52:49 PM)

Based on the films so far I would say Ron at number 1, but it's Snape's revelation that we know from the book that has bagged this number 1 slot!!!

On another note, how can giving away details of the final film be spoilers??, they're in the book if you cared to read it!!!

brucejackiejet -> RE: Spoilers (14/7/2011 3:06:28 PM)


Being in the trailer is hardly an excuse. I've managed to avoid the trailer so I wouldn't have known until your article.

Get over it mate, if you were so worried that you avoided the trailers, then reading a big Empire feature on the Potter universe before seeing the film was a bit of daft thing to do really. And to say that the film has been 'spoiled' because you now know one line of dialogue is perhaps overreacting a little wouldn't you say? My suggestion - Go see the film, then read articles about it.

Drone -> RE: Underrated Guilderoy (14/7/2011 8:39:14 PM)

Ron in first for me personally, and Mr Weasley a close second!  Great characters.  Snape is still a good choice however; I remember all the discussions about his motives when the books were being released; many pages of hardcore Snape fans desperate for the truth.  I can't think of many ficitonal characters so wicked that fans have wanted to be so good.

directorscut -> RE: (15/7/2011 9:24:00 PM)

RON? RON?  BLOODY RON?  The writer is out of his/her tree.  The heart of the three?  More like the moaning, useless pillock of the three.

They seem to have a hard-on for the Weasleys when even wet towels like Ginny get onto the list.

Madeye Moody, Lockheart and Umbridge the three best characters, are deplorably low.

MovieKid -> RE: (18/7/2011 12:04:22 AM)

Im schocked anyone voted for harry, ron or hermione. Easily the worst characters. I would have liked people to make more obscure votes for characters they like it would have been a more interesting list.

Lindea -> Re (6/8/2011 7:01:28 PM)

@Moviekid I'm guessing that a lot of the Harry/Ron/Hermione votes might come from people who haven't read the books.
Though he might not be the "best" character, my personal favourite is and will always be Remus.
I think that Snape's first place is well deserved, but how his "memorable quote" wasn't "Always" is a mystery to me. That is probably my favourite quote from the whole series.

snazzy_sophie -> RE: Re (11/8/2011 3:37:21 PM)

After seeing the final film...McGonagall is deservedly one of the best characters!

Antcav -> RE: Re (12/8/2011 2:10:17 PM)

my favourites for the fact they start off a bit annoying, become great rebels and then become strong characters in the final two films must the weasley twins.... fantastic guys - kept smiling, laughing and (sorry i know it's sad) crying.....

angel503 -> Severus Snape (16/9/2011 3:28:13 PM)

i love snape you always think that he is the bad guy and than it shocks you that he loved lilly and liked harry a little lol sooo sad that he died in the books he will be missed but i feel so sorry for him though he truly is the best character :)

Cyberleader -> (13/10/2011 11:26:25 PM)

You don't think Voldy can be described as anyone's 'favourite'? I beg to differ. I know loads of people with a genuine affection for the dark lord. Like The Joker, he's got a bit of a fan club out there...

OpenMindedMovieFan -> (27/10/2011 4:28:01 PM)

This list has all the right characters in the wrong order, but the number 1 was dead right.
my top 3
3. Remus Lupin
2.Albus Dumbledore
1.Severus Snape

Everest95 -> (10/11/2011 2:38:18 PM)

Hermione has to be number one, shes hot in the films

dannyfletch -> Mad-eye! (7/1/2012 10:29:25 AM)

My personal favourite is professor Mad-Eye followed by Sirius Black, Hagrid and then Dumbledore. I must admit that Harry is probably near the bottom of my list

missyreah -> (23/3/2012 11:57:46 PM)

Ron's my favourite but he's always underrated. Great to see him at the top for once. Love Arthur Weasley too - he's brilliant in the books.

jackknows -> (19/4/2012 4:44:53 PM)

I think draco should be MUCH higher

LLawliet101 -> Favourite quote for Draco? I don't think so... (22/8/2012 6:04:44 PM)

I can't believe Draco's memorable quote was put down as 'Nice face, Potter'. Surely it was 'My father will hear about this'?

Ryanjae29 -> (15/3/2013 6:02:08 PM)

for me:

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