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Empire Admin -> The Thing Poster Creeps Online (12/7/2011 8:05:36 AM)

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darko18 -> (12/7/2011 10:24:55 AM)

Nice poster. I'm assuming those producers produced Zack Snyder's brilliant, better than the original Dawn Of The Dead. Could be fun.

Mojo -> RE: (12/7/2011 11:14:00 AM)

I'm quietly optimistic about this film. John Carpenter's The Thing is possibly my favourite film of all time, its a perfect nightmare movie, and so at first I was a little worried about talk of a remake but I'm glad they took the prequel route. The photos that have been released seem to capture the look and atmosphere of the original well, and this poster is pretty cool too. It wouldn't look out of place next to the classic original poster on my wall!

ODForrest -> The Thing (12/7/2011 12:38:40 PM)

I think we need to clear a few wee issues up here, John Carpenter’s” The Thing” was a remake/ sequel (sort of) to the 1951 The Thing from another world aka “The Thing” . I happen to like both these films and like everyone else was a tad nervous about a sequel, but all I can say is I too am very optimistic, although I do hope the CGI doesn't spoil it.

velvet -> (12/7/2011 12:56:03 PM)

Itl still b crap, the movie has been put back a few times already, not a good sign

great_badir -> RE: (12/7/2011 1:03:03 PM)


ORIGINAL: velvet
Itl still b crap, the movie has been put back a few times already, not a good sign

It's had a LOT of reshoots, a further not-good sign.

The only good things I've heard about it so far is that the director has moved away from shakycam and MTV editing and also, where possible, only practical effects are used. I suspect there'll still be a shit-load of CGI, but when most stuff is 100% CG these days, anything practical is better than nothing.

I'll probably see it, but I'm not expecting anything more than a mediocre (at best) follow-up.

flash-t -> Not convinced by this less than prefect copy. (12/7/2011 1:32:32 PM)

I'm a big fan of both Hawkes (Sorry, Nyby's!) and Carpenters erm ...Things but the word prequel gave me an instant droopy on this one. Too many re-shoots, too many push backs and far too many re-assurances that it isn't a straight forward re-make (Anyone else notice how much they've pillaged Carpenters images for this poster?)

mjscarface -> Good poster but... (12/7/2011 1:45:19 PM)

... we'll be very lucky to get a film that even comes close to Carpenter's or even Nyby's version. They should have gone all out and brought an entire foreign cast and a crew that will deliver in the same fashion as the best European horrors. Hell, even with subtitles, it would still be great.

jdaharman -> The Prequel should be..... (12/7/2011 3:16:45 PM)

I think the smarter option would be to make a film that revolves around what happened at the Norwegian base that MacCready and Norris visit.

Filmed in Norwegian, with a cast of Norwegian unknowns, this would have been easy to write as you take the situation that the Americans find and reverse engineer it all the way back to the discovery of the UFO under the ice. The ending of the film revolves around the helicopter taking off to chase the dog heading towards the US outpost.

Personally I would have liked to seen someone like Nicolas Winding Refn direct it.

papalupara -> Is the Thing .... (12/7/2011 4:24:45 PM)

guarding the Egg of Mantumbi?

chris wootton -> (12/7/2011 5:25:25 PM)

It's actually out on the 14th of October. The only reason they pushed it back was because the distributor's didn't have anything to release around Halloween and thought that it would do better then. I actually think it looks pretty good.. early word has been positive and the leaked trailer was pretty impressive. Nothing will touch Carpenter's version of the story but here's hoping this will be of a higher calibre than most re hashes

chris wootton -> oh and (12/7/2011 5:27:10 PM)

The first teaser poster was much better check it out here

benskelly -> RE: oh and (13/7/2011 12:56:46 AM)

Nice tag line anyway.

Although "Man is the warmest place to hide" is still better.

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