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Empire Admin -> The 50 Greatest American Independent Movies (3/7/2011 10:16:58 PM)

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Keyser_So_So -> RE: The 50 Greatest American Independent Movies (4/7/2011 1:32:42 AM)

A well-considered list; although I'm sure many will question why their favourites etc aren't on there.

With this in mind, here's a cursory handful worth looking into if the American Indie list there gets anyone interested:
The Living End (Gregg Araki)
Gummo (Harmony Korine)
Ken Park (Larry Clark)

R W -> RE: (4/7/2011 1:13:44 PM)

Fine list which makes makes me want to watch a lot of those films. One MAJOR flaw to the list which is I think is a crime: Where the hell is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

RicoDiGiorgio -> What the hell? (23/11/2012 5:21:03 PM)

Most of the list was correct, but the fact you forgot Halloween is amazing. That had a very low budget and it helped pave the way for other horror indies (like the Last House On the Left, or Friday the 13th).

jay.baker -> The best of the best is not on this list (20/1/2013 3:53:43 AM)

I've seen the vast majority of the movies on this list, and I agree that they all belong on the list. But, in my opinion the best independent movie of all time is: Special (2006).

TikiMan -> I booked Christopher Cross (31/3/2013 5:02:51 AM)

A great list, but most of these are unavailable to stream on Netflix. This is quite lame. It's time for these studios and distributors to ante up and accept the fact that most people are not going to purchase DVD's anymore.

elab49 -> RE: I booked Christopher Cross (1/4/2013 10:09:42 AM)

Support for that? [:)]

bobbywash -> Great Feature Film Shot On DSLR (15/4/2013 7:15:34 AM)

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Get Behind This Indie Film! -> No documentaries? (15/6/2013 7:23:19 PM)

Great list, but would have liked some documentaries on the list.
Fantastic with inclusion of 'In Search of a Midnight Kiss', but would have liked to see 'Zero Day' ( on the list as well.

scparegien -> Love it but... (20/8/2013 3:55:07 PM)

Great list and of course there is no way to fit in more in a list of just 50. I'm missing Badlands on this one. It's a masterpiece and probably Malick's best.

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