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Empire Admin -> Watchmen Writer Gets Crow Screenplay (23/6/2011 11:13:48 AM)

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Haveityourwaybaybeee -> Can't rain all the time. Pissing down now though isn't it (23/6/2011 11:13:48 AM)

This is a mistake. I loved the first film, I was 13 when it came out so it was perfect timing. "Will I be perceived of as cool, hunky, bruised and deep by all and sundry if I grow my hair long and 'clown up' my mush?" said the young I to nobody in particular. No, as it turns out, though I did win first prize at a Halloween party for my efforts.
However! The sequels were poor. Bound to be really, I mean it's a singular storyline; Man and shapely squeeze get bumped off in diabolical fashion. Man lies in grave and thinks 'that was bang out of order!’ Man rises from grave and gives perpetrators a ruddy good hiding. Feels a bit better about it all and finally wanders off with his angelic lady friend for the rest of eternity.
Now, I'm not totally against re-makes because there have been good ones, Cape Fear comes to mind, and I promise I won't rise from my own future grave to exact revenge on the descendents of Relativity Media, but this film does not need to be made.
What prompted me to comment on this was the statement released by Relativity and transcribed in the article above. Particularly the following: "The original film is known for its breakthrough visual style… its unique production design and cinematography".
Is it? That may be what Relativity know it for, but me? I think not. Yes, it was visually exciting and yes, it was groundbreaking in the sense that they finished the film after the death of the brilliant Brandon Lee using all that clever face mapping technology.
Still, it will forever be known to me for its uncompromising sense of righteousness; He's killing people in horrific ways but, they killed him first so it's fair enough. It's gloomy, and very 90's, soundtrack. Its ability to appeal to a now laughably angsty teenager in a way that no Batman film of the time could. Finally, it will be known to me as the first film to be released after the death of its brightening star which, rightly or wrongly, lent it a sense of poignancy which can never be replicated. Like Nirvana's Unplugged in New York around the same time, and Heath Ledgers The Dark Knight years later, the original has a sad but true melancholy magic and THAT, Relativity Media, is what it is known for.
Love to you all.

bob_fetta -> (23/6/2011 11:34:17 AM)

i dunno, for all the reboot's/reimaginings/sequels and crossovers... i think there's genuinely room for this one.
the original was ace, no questions, but it sits forever in that period of 90's film making where no matter how dark an aesthetic there's still a thin sliver of leftover 80's cheese...
hate to use this phrase but something with a post Dark Knight (i know, i know) level of grit and menace would be most welcome. the trick is to take itself seriously, goth the shit out of it, stick to the basic revenge premise and bathe the whole thing in violence and shadows...

Haveityourwaybaybeee -> In response to Mr. Fetta (23/6/2011 12:24:15 PM)

Fair point Bob. Don't get me wrong, I genuinely want this to be a good film. Obviously we don't want bad films to be made at all, be they from an original script or the seventeenth remake of a 1920's classic, and if this turns out to be great I'll be a very happy man. I also agree with you that the potential is there. Unfortunately the, admittedly small, snippets released by Relativity in reference to the project thus far are giving me the impression that they are not preparing to make the film you have described.
I hope I am wrong, and if you get the chance to make your version of the movie, my friend, I'll be first in line.

evildave69 -> RE: In response to Mr. Fetta (23/6/2011 2:09:00 PM)

Well may I start by saying how refreshing it is to have a decent, grown up debate on these forums rather than the usual loud mouths blaring away rather ignorantly and without the appreciation of the opinions of others'.

Secondly, I'm actually in agreement with Mr. Fetta. I think there is space for this remake. The original is brilliant, there's no denying. However, as Mr. Fetta has said, it does have slight shades of 80s cheese in there and has dated quite heavily.
As for Mr. Baybee, your points are extremely valid. I understand your lack of faith in the studio. They are of course well known for interfering without reason and have spoilt potentially great films on far too many occassions. However, I don't think Relativity Media is really in that bracket. As far as I can remember, I haven't heard too many tales of them interjecting unnecesarily...and in my opinion, anything that gets rid of Norrington isn't really a bad thing. A bit harsh perhaps. Blade was cool but making the excretable League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is unforgivable, and he always seems to be the victim of 'creative differences'. Maybe someday he'll realise it's actually him that's the issue.

Most importantly though, no matter the studio, I have faith in the writer/director combo. Fresnadillo actually managed the rare thing of making a horror sequel that could be held up with, and maybe even improved on the original with 28 Weeks Later and Alex Tse did a fantastic job of adapting Watchmen. Many didn't like the film. I did but can see where it falls short of the comic. That aside, adapting something of that size and depth is no mean feat and that must be taken into account. If it works, it'll be excellent and do wonders for covering up the years of sub-standard sequels. If it doesn't, we can collectively sweep it under the carpet with the rest of them.

jokerpoker123 -> NO NO NO NO NO (23/6/2011 3:29:51 PM)

There are some films that should be left alone, this is one of them, why try and remake it ? I tell you what why nor just play the same old movie at the cinema instead of getting some crap director to TRY and make a better version.... cos let me tell you that aint gonna happen. anyway this is like someone saying there gonna remake a clockwork orage. GET LOST Alex Tse

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