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Empire Admin -> James Mangold Directing The Wolverine (16/6/2011 10:38:08 AM)

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Dr Science -> disappointing (16/6/2011 3:28:46 PM)

there's nothing on this man's CV that gives me hope that we will finally get the Wolverine film that the character deserves and the fans have been waiting for.

Knight of Fury -> Actually (16/6/2011 8:12:53 PM)

Quite excited by this. Mangold's very much an actors director when he feels the piece is worth the effort, hopefully he'll really get under Logan's skin.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: disappointing (17/6/2011 9:20:33 AM)

Ahem 3:10 To Yuma & Walk The Line?

Dr Science -> RE: disappointing (17/6/2011 10:38:02 AM)

ahem what? which one of those films do you think demonstrates his suitability to direct a film about a gruff superpowered loner with foot-long claws and intimacy issues fighting ninjas and mutants in the japanese underground? 3:10 to Yuma was better than average but no classic, and Walk The Line was an excellent biopic but hardly packed with thrilling action set-pieces

Dan Brown -> Hmmmm, not exactly what I was hoping to hear... (17/6/2011 12:18:16 PM)

Over the last few weeks my excitement for this film keeps getting less and less... Who knows, maybe Mangold will pull it out of the bag! Get Duncan Jones on the case I say!

jobloffski -> RE: Hmmmm, not exactly what I was hoping to hear... (17/6/2011 12:45:11 PM)

The script matters more than the director. A good one can apply the necessary discipline to achieve the aims of the script and direct the shit out of it, as long as it isn't a shit script to begin with. Nobody has ever directed a comic movie before they've done it for the first time, so the only consideration should be how effectively have they told the particular story in what they've directed before.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: disappointing (18/6/2011 9:38:16 AM)

& what exactly would Aronofsky have brought nothing that's what Mangolds an exellent director at handing actors I mean anyone who can deal with Bale & Crowe & then get the perfomance he got out of Pheonix is allright by me.

kirk -> RE: disappointing (21/6/2011 10:37:54 PM)

all i want from this sequel...is Wolverine swearing....which we've already seen briefly...
And blood
lots of blood
he cuts people with claws!!!
I rewatched Origins....my own fault....and there wasnt one drop of bloody....anywhere

I just want to see him be a badass
He was a wimp in Origins....and a wimp in the xmen films....as magneto said...tamed....tamed the beast...

I want some full on blood, guts, gore, and swearing...

although i know this aint ever going to happen....as they will want to sell it to kids....so 12A it is...pointless....

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