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Empire Admin -> Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (16/6/2011 5:42:20 AM)

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Cyberleader -> Hell yeah we want more! (16/6/2011 2:06:35 PM)

Get Mr Spielburg back on board, make T Rex the main dino threat again, have plenty of animatronics and not too much cgi and also have a great cast. I think a new cast would be interesting: much as we love them, no Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm etc....And is it just me who would love an 80s style muscular hero to head the cast?

TheSiKness -> More JP! (16/6/2011 2:18:01 PM)

Love the idea of a new JP, more dino's and T-Rex getting revenge on the Spinosaurus! Armoured, genetically modified dino's smell of cult cartoon Dino Riders...which, lets face it, would make an awesome movie!? However, I think Raptors loose in the city would be epic if they didnt want to return to the islands.

brent33 -> Erm... (16/6/2011 6:18:05 PM)

...am I the only person who thinks this "dino-soldiers" idea would be even worse than Davina McCall's rubbish hair adverts? I mean, why sully the series with this tripe? Why not just create another franchise, totally separate from JP? I hope it's all just rumour, like Spielberg's joke that led to the creation of Cowboys and Aliens. Otherwise I'll lose faith in Steve and all his posh baseball caps for the first time in my 26 years on Earth.

moviemaniac-7 -> The franchise should leave the family friendly stuff behind... (16/6/2011 6:26:17 PM)

... and go for hard-core sci fi. More like the first novel. Big themes, some gore, credible bio sci-fi. Make it a thriller with dinos in it, instead of a family fun roller coaster ride. I like the trilogy as it is, but I'd love to see another, more roughed up take on the franchise. This might be the right thing to do. But then again, Happy Meals have to be sold and seven year olds entertained...

natman_begins -> My idea.... (16/6/2011 6:56:12 PM)

John Hammond creates a flock of Condors which escape and go beserk in downtown New York causing John McClane to have a very bad day. Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, some evil terrorists are training Velociraptors stolen from Isla Nublar, to become suicide bombers in preperation for a large scale attack on the west. After several weeks on a Cargo ship, the Velociraptors arrive in New York habour only to find that John McClane and the Condors smoking cigarettes and armed with sub-machine guns and laser guided missiles, have made a peace and joined forces to fight the incoming terrorist dinosaur threat. A massive battle ensues, seeing many a brave Condor give its life in the name of freedom, the smoke and bullets eventually clear to reveal John McClane in a bloody vest standing atop a pile of raptor carcasses with his last cigarette in his mouth, which he removes to utter the immortal phrase "yippee ki yay mutha fukka". The very next day in the newspapers report the whole thing in graphic and glorious detail, unfortunately no one in Great Britain gives a good fuck because Transformers 9 has just hit the cinemas.
The End

The Samaritan -> (16/6/2011 7:31:58 PM)

I really like the idea of a new Jurassic Park film, I saw the first film again quite recently and it sparked up a whole new love for the franchise. I do think though that two of the best things about 1 & 2 were the gritty (british) hunters; Bob Peck's Muldoon and Pete Pothelswaite's Tembo were great characters - get Jason Isaacs in there as a hunter and you've got one great ingredient for a franchise reboot.

lelandmeeks -> I'm 14 again (16/6/2011 8:46:29 PM)

this news seriously made my day. There are 1001 ideas they could take this franchise down. My shout is to have the dinos released and bred in the Western world and there begins a serious shit storm. Imagine dinos trashing Paris? or going ape-shit in downtown LA? The biggest problem with the 2 and 3 was weak actors. Needs a big, big star.

Gkel -> RE: I'm 14 again (17/6/2011 10:37:11 AM)

That John Sayles script is for real? It sounds kind of shit actually. I remember one where they were armored to fight terrorists, not the island dinosaurs, although I also remember Jack Horner hinting about a story where the dinosaurs were bred to be smarter, but I figured they would still be naked.

I think I would rather see a reboot where the island has lots of tourists, lots of dinosaurs stomping about. Celebrity guests.

Tom Cruise, Rosie O Donnell and Pauly Shore should be in it so they get eaten. Then again it would be kind of cruel to the dinosaurs who have to eat them.

Or maybe some guy has snuck into the island with a camcorder and is taking bets on dinosaur fights on the WWW-like Bum Fights, but with dinosaurs.

I kinda thought 3 was hinting that Hammond was breeding dinosaurs for some other purpose besides tourism-like military application (I guess that's where the armor comes in but it seems kind of silly and hard to imagine).

The Sadistic Puffin -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 10:55:38 AM)

Miltarised Dino's sounds v cool..........

I'm thinking of a gritty realistic war setting, like the hurt locker or black hawk down, with corporal t-rex airlifted in to kick ass and chew gum, with john matrix & rambo being carried by his little arms.

Or theres always the revisionist history aspect, the Viet-cong have a herd of pet allosaurus's living in the jungle with them so team America sends in GI brontosaurus's to settle the score.

Or 'Jurassic English Civil War' with Cromwell played by Jeff Goldum riding a triceratops into battle against the royalist raptor army, led by Kurt Russell as King Charles and Shia Labeouf as his little bitch squire boy.   

Or maybe just do dino-riders and lets not confuse the younger generations that any of the above actually happened...

Steven if your reading this...ive got loads more...call me

jobloffski -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 1:10:23 PM)

Make it related to, but not a direct continuation of the previous 3 and set it slightly in the future, with the point of the attraction being not to simply see dinosaurs but to hunt them, a less ethical and more money motivated reason to have the park rebuilt, using Hammond's original research. Entirely new cast.

Protesters break into the the reserve to highlight the cruelty of it and their sabotage results in them being caught up in a mass panic/evacuation on opening day scenario and end up being trapped on the island with some hunters and finding they have to kill the creatures they sought to protect if they want to live.

Moral dilemma and story scenario sorted, destruction and carnage covered. Cruelty towards the dinosaurs being the story entry point, hunters get their comeuppance and the reality of kill or be killed provides conflict for the protesters so that the story becomes one of sheer survival by the end.

Or don't have the protesters team up with hunters, have them do their sabotage (and also mass protest, many having blended into the opening day crowd in order to then spoil the party, many get get caught by security, locked in holding area for dinosaurs and the police called in. When the panic happens they get left in the holding pen by mistake, they eventually break out, not knowing what has happened, to find themselves alone on the island. Well, not quite alone...

Will they survive long enough for the authorities to reach the island to arrest them for their protest/sabotage activities with their lives under threat because the Dino-hunst conducted prior to the park having its official openinghave taught the exhibits of the park that humans are a dangerous enemy from which many dinosaurs run away from on sight, and which others attack immediately?

Jurassic Park: Safari

kargon -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 1:52:57 PM)

Ive got a great idea, why does someone come up with a new idea for a film for a change

Gkel -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 4:30:06 PM)

They wont come up with new ideas for movies because they dont want to risk the money. They prefer safe franchise and brand name recognition. That's the sad state of things.

I like that JP Safari idea. If it were possible to clone dinosaurs there is no doubt that some rich political tychoon types would pay enough to write off the debt of a third world country in order to shoot a dinosaur with a projectile weapon from a safe distance.
The JP movies never really addressed the Frankenstein aspect of the concept very well-the first one gave it lip service, the second and third had it a little more relevant to the plot, but I dont think it was ever reconciled with the ooh aah aspects.

Another thing I would have liked to see in the first movie was made up dinosaurs--since they didnt know what they were going to get from the mosquito blood source-maybe they would discover dinosaurs they didnt even have fossils for.

But I am less interested in the science aspect of the story-I'd even take a cave people vs dinosaurs movie. Just give me more high quality dinosaur animation.

jobloffski -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 7:35:15 PM)

Totally, the science of it doesn't interest me either. Especially as it's total bollocks anyway. Give me a well worked reason for people to be in peril due to the presence of dinosaurs, better than the ones I could make up for myself preferably, make the characters sympathetic enough so that it actually seems to matter (in movie watching terms) if they continue breathing or not, then let loose the perils...

And also, yes, new ideas would be nice, but if it has to be old ideas, a little effort put into the reason for it happeningagain would be nice. Yes, deep down it's a case of blahblahblahblahblah...Dinosaurs!!! when you first watch a JP film, but even allowing for that, writing decent characters and reasons for shit happening at least makes the post cinema DVD experience more surprisngly good than expected.

Spaldron -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 7:48:08 PM)

Dinosaur super soldiers working for the US govt in Afghan would be a better idea.

jobloffski -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (17/6/2011 9:48:22 PM)

fair enough, but only if it has no apparent connection to the chronology/events of the previous films whatsoever until one of the dinosaurs, during intense battling, turns to the camera and says 'What are we doing? Hammond never wanted this [&:]

Jacks Rage -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (18/6/2011 6:45:13 PM)

I think the Jurassic Park: Safari idea could work. The only thing is that a group of protesters would limit the diversity of the characters. It would be more interesting if they had differing views on the dinos and the park. So how about instead we have a plane break apart and crash over an island and... err... [:D] But seriously, a broader group of personalities like Lost makes things far more interesting. Some protesters included in the group would be good. Yes, it would lessen Jobloffski's central theme but in this type of film the characters take precedence.

The main thing though is that just seeing dinos and carnage is not enough. We are long past being awed by that.

Gkel -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (18/6/2011 8:43:05 PM)

Well if diverse characters are the thing then it should just be reboot of the idea but make it closer to Westworld--have lots of tourists and dinosaurs when the park malfunctions. That's what I thought the original movie was going to be when I heard it described as being Westworld with dinosaurs or Jaws on Land. And there were trading cards that showed triceratops attacking tourist jeeps etc...
You could have a group of Safari Club members on the tour who decide to use the chaos as a reason to hunt dinosaurs...could have protestors as well....
lots of people...
Ultimately these movies are really just about the fx sequences-none of them had strong enough characters to stand on their own feet without dinosaur fx.
But the fx sequences in all three films were used extremely sparingly--they showed just enough to let you know dinosaurs were there but they didnt have much in the way of lingering shots.
I think something time travel related or historical would be a more logical thing with dinosaurs anyway--or some alien planet with dinosaurs on it-if anything is getting boring its the idea of the park and genetic engineering angle.
Dinosaurs are timeless--but sticking them in as cameos in a Land of the Lost or Journey to the Center of the Earth scenario isnt the best use of them.
I never saw A Sound of Thunder-I gather  that it sucked...

jobloffski -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (18/6/2011 9:42:40 PM)


ORIGINAL: Jacks Rage

I think the Jurassic Park: Safari idea could work. The only thing is that a group of protesters would limit the diversity of the characters. It would be more interesting if they had differing views on the dinos and the park. So how about instead we have a plane break apart and crash over an island and... err... [:D] But seriously, a broader group of personalities like Lost makes things far more interesting. Some protesters included in the group would be good. Yes, it would lessen Jobloffski's central theme but in this type of film the characters take precedence.

The main thing though is that just seeing dinos and carnage is not enough. We are long past being awed by that.

Nah, diversifying the characters wouldn't necessarily lessen the theme, conflict within the human group to give them something to clash about when safe/forget about when in danger and trying to survive would add to the drama. Above all else, it's gotta be a better reason for it to be happening than 'Site B? You never mentioned that shit before, dude' or 'random accident resulting in someone getting trapped on the island? Quick, get someone from the first film to lead a rescue team!!!'

'Safari' works as a central theme on very basic levels. principally the relaunch of the park being motivated by people paying to see/hunt replaceable dinos/boot squarely on the other foot when it goes the 'hunter becomes the hunted' route and the Dinos effectively are on safari themselves, going after the humans.

Nicky C -> I want to see... (18/6/2011 11:13:12 PM)

... a reboot in 3D because I'm a f*cking douchebag!

Ulmaceae -> RE: I want to see... (23/6/2011 1:06:03 PM)



... a reboot in 3D because I'm a f*cking douchebag!

You are George Lucas, and I claim my Five Pounds

iamangel -> RE: Spielberg Spitballing New Jurassic Park (24/6/2011 12:35:06 AM)

Does anyone really care about dinosaurs anymore? Does the industry really need another Jurassic Park? Now if it introduces something new I'm all for it but if it is more of the same I'd skip it altogether.

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