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jobloffski -> RE: Stiller and sequels... (25/5/2011 6:53:55 PM)

I'd split the difference costwise and make a sequel incorporating Zoolander and Anchorman.

Ron Burgundy and crew cover a fashion show in the seventies, the dry ice is building and building, while Ron is trying his best to chatter through the cock up. The dry ice clears, for some unexplained (and never totally explained) reason it is now 2012, a fashion show in the same site is commemorating the anniversary of the show Ron covered, with a theme of 'Remember Ron Burgundy'' (his colleagues are mighty pissed to discover that though they disappeared too, they aren;t being referred to, Ron can't see why they have a problem with that)

Ron and crew are mistaken for ghosts, panic spreads through the show, people flee Ron and crew encounter Hansel and Zoolander. the ensemble is complete and Mugatu's revenge from the future on the fashion industry needs to be thwarted (sci fi element to story as equivalent to that in the first film). Which ego will triumph? How will Ron's 70's machismo go down today? Can Ron be persuaded to ditch the moustache and double for mugatu in order to infiltrate his crew (with the 'heroes' being taunted by messages from future Mugatu, creating an equivalent freakiness to the 'obey my dog' hynoptism visuals from Zoolander...Stupid meets dense in the ultimate battle of half wits...

Presenting: Zoolander and Anchorman 2: Sex Panthers

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