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Empire Admin -> New Torchwood Trailer Arrives (24/5/2011 3:11:01 AM)

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Spaldron -> RE: Looks great (24/5/2011 4:27:04 AM)

I agree with the above, poor show Empire.

betamax -> Wow (24/5/2011 2:36:48 PM)

These 'not available in your country' things will never cease winding me up. In this case though it is particularly annoying, if it wasn't for our country they wouldn't even have the show! American TV networks really grind my gears.

Hoping this is good though. Torchwood was one of those shows that was incredibly flawed, yet showed enough potential and moments of greatness to warrant being given more screentime. Love Eve Myles too. [sm=wub.gif]

deaksey -> "I'm Welsh." (26/5/2011 12:28:07 PM)

Best. Payoff. Line. Ever...but probably not funny to Americans.

dragonrat -> I'm with deaksy (27/5/2011 5:56:17 PM)

Brilliant line. And one we've all said or wanted to say at one point or another.

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