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Empire Admin -> Tarantino Wants Will Smith For Django (7/5/2011 4:25:39 AM)

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baerrtt -> RE: Unusual (7/5/2011 5:24:22 PM)

Methinks like casting Brad Pitt in the lead role of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS(a part originally intended for Michael Madsen) Tarantino still realises that after the failure of GRINDHOUSE in these creatively safe times he must at least make one compromise if he is to continue making the movies he wants to make.

jobloffski -> RE: Tarantino Wants Will Smith For Django (8/5/2011 11:26:45 PM)

1) The casting isn't official
2) Tarantino has a history of casting against type and getting unexpected kinds of performance
3) Smith has played outside his main schtick several times and done so pretty well
4) Why should a director choose NOT to cast a box office draw in a film he makes if he gets a chance to get a proven bankable name into his film with proven 'edginess' among his skills?
5) Actors relish the chance to prove their detractors wrong
6) is the number that comes after 5)
7) did you see what I did there?
8) I will now end this post.

jobloffski -> RE: Tarantino Wants Will Smith For Django (9/5/2011 4:58:02 PM)

Both the above posts respond to mild outrage at the idea of Will Smith appearing in a Tarantino film ('QT's selling out' type reaction) in posts that preceded them, but are now gone. Just saying that for clarity, since as responses to the actual article, the above may seem a little odd

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