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Empire Admin -> The Addams Family (25/4/2011 2:16:47 PM)

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Grace Duckworth -> (25/4/2011 2:16:47 PM)

This is the best movie ever in my opinion i love morica and gomez's whirl-wind romance, and wendnesday trying to kill her brother pugsley with an aray of different things from a bow and arrow to an electric chair , this to me is the dream family! and if you noticed they don't even shout at each other i love the fact that they are ecsentric and strangely adorable, this is the best ever and i love this film i watch it twice a day every day then i watch the addams family values on which i think debbie jelisnkie is werider than the addams family!!!!

Phubbs -> RE: (6/4/2012 5:52:34 AM)

Of course we all know what this is based on, the excellent cartoons of one Charles Addams, his macabre little sketches were visually simple yet highly imaginative (for the time) and in my opinion ahead of their time.

Many incarnations of Addams creation have come and gone, most of which have all turned out pretty well and this film from Rudin is no exception in my view.

With a perfect cast of character actors just shy of being oddballs themselves this film is brought to life in a sweeping gothic spooky style that compliments the original source material to a tee. In my view Julia IS 'Gomez' and will always be, his ball eyed lunacy and sharp pin stripe suits are spot on as is his pencil thin moustache giving him that great suave caddish style.

All the family are correct and present with outstanding performances from Lloyd as 'Fester', Huston as 'Morticia', Workman as 'Pugsley' and newly discovered Ricci as the chilling emotionless 'Wednesday'. Add to that great backup from the rest of the cast including some neat effects to create 'Thing' which really does look quite good even today and some nice hands on makeup/effects to bring 'Cousin Itt' to life without the use of cgi.

I really do love this film as, in my opinion, its a great adaptation of the source material and sticks to what works, its fun for all the family whilst retaining a nice balance of kooky, spooky ghoulish looks and humour alongside some lovely set work, character makeup and costume.

If you like 'The Addams Family' then I'm confident you would enjoy this version, the plot is simple and works well as Rudin doesn't go over the top, a lovely musical score and some quirky visual moments all add to a fun filled halloween creepy comedy.

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