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Empire Admin -> Exclusive: Zack Snyder On Superman (5/4/2011 4:28:05 PM)

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repo man -> RE: Exclusive: Zack Snyder On Superman (5/4/2011 7:24:34 PM)

That guy just looks stoned, tired, bored...  probably because he's spent days talking about "Sucker Punch", but you'd think he'd want to project an air of something approaching vague enthusiasm when discussing the SUPERMAN film he's making.   He has the demeanour of a chef being pestered about dessert after just serving what he thinks is a brilliant starter, which is a bad sign.  If you annoy a chef, he pisses in your dinner.  If you annoy Zack Snyder, he pisses in your Superman film.

I wish directors and actors, when asked about details about forthcoming films, would just LIE rather than say they can't tell you anything.  With the sheer volume of websites reporting every last scrap of non-news regarding films, I would've thought the film makers would look forward to just telling outright lies.  Every time someone asks them, they should give a different answer. 

JIm R -> RE: It's probably because... (5/4/2011 8:29:12 PM)

To be fair, this is a snapshot of a larger interview and so the Sucker Punch questions and discussion will have come much earlier, plus he looks absolutely knackered with little sleep so no wonder he's not jumping to answer anything, plus it's worth more than his job to give a load of PR info before officially released by the studio.

I grant you he does come across as a bit grumpy though  [:D]

Ballschin -> RE: It's probably because... (5/4/2011 10:01:27 PM)

Granted he's probably tired, annoyed by Sucker Punch's reception but still....

Personally I think he's a terrible film maker and should kept well clear of Superman.

I wonder how much slow motion there'll be...(sarcasm)

jmebaby25 -> RE: It's probably because... (5/4/2011 11:23:46 PM)

I'm so unsure about this. I liked Synder's Dawn of the Dead (obv no comparison with the original, but it was quite cool). 300 was pretty darn good. Watchmen looked stunning and in places was great, but the some of it's parts not so much.

Sucker Punch, well, I'm smart enough not to pay to see it.

He seems to be getting worse and worse. However, the casting so far for Supes has been excellent. Costner and Lane are perfect choices and I love Amy Adams.

Hopefully with a strong script and Nolan to reign him in, this will work. I'm confident that Synder can make Superman look amazing, but can he give it any heart?

I truly wish him the best with it

Pelle -> (26/11/2012 4:30:28 PM)

Well Suck Snyder just can't be any worse than Bryan Singer.

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