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Empire Admin -> Tomorrow, When The War Began (4/4/2011 7:41:56 AM)

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shalmo -> C'Mon Empire! (4/4/2011 7:41:56 AM)

This has to rank as one of the most patronising reviews ever.
1. Using Neighbours/Home and Away as some sort of put down is cheap. Sure it may not be the best TV but what worked for Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger, Guy Pearce etc is surely called a starting point. If The Hobbit has its downsides are you going to blame that on Rob Kazinsky becase he was in Eastenders? Probably not. Was Animal Kingdom a lesser film because of Ben Mendleson's soap history? No. No. No.
2. Missing Hollywood?! It's based on a teen novel to largely empower a teen audience. If Hollywood got its mucky hands on it, it would be a bunch of faces that strip the story bare and serve their own CV's rather than the story. See the Narnia series if you are short of examples.
You can do better than this cheap subjectivity Empire.
A great story that serves its market and purpose perfectly.

Timon -> RE: C'Mon Empire! (6/4/2011 11:52:44 AM)

I'll see this, until the Red Dawn remake gets released. Looks like it could be good fun.

elab49 -> RE: C'Mon Empire! (6/4/2011 12:40:29 PM)

It's very much a kid's film. The plot doesn't hold up to any kind of scrutiny, and in terms of maturity I'd say if this is for teens it is for very young ones, perhaps 11-13. But even over here we tend to treat them more intelligently than this film does. I know we're probably more used to films that play to crossover audiences these days so this might be a little unfair. But apart from the 'relationship' stuff - which has very little depth to it - it's clear they are working on the basis that no-one watching is going to think about it a lot OR there is a stronger story in the source book and they are asusming that everyone in the audience has read that book as well and they haven't done a particularly good job of producing something for people who haven't.

Bighousewill -> A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (9/4/2011 1:53:51 PM)

I don't think a group of about seven teenagers would stand any chance against a fully fledged invading army. And Just who was it invading? They looked Chinese but they didn't make it clear who was invading.

Bighousewill -> A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (9/4/2011 1:59:58 PM)

I don't think a group of about seven teenagers would stand any chance against a fully fledged invading army. And Just who was it invading? They looked Chinese but they didn't make it clear who was invading.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (16/4/2011 9:39:36 AM)

It seemed like it was of straight to dvd quality to me our print was pretty awfull, with the lines going through it u'd have thought they were using puppets did anyone else notice there were only roughly about 5 or 6 Asian soldiers in every battle scene & also wouldn't Austrailia be 1 of the hardest Countrys to invade mainly because of the Outback where so many people get lost every year & because theyre under the Commonwealth Briain would've retaleated.
Seems it did so well down under they've green-lit sequels but can only see them going straight to dvd with the megre box-office it got over here.
Ok film would've been more beleavable without Rachel from Neighbours going all Rambo. 2/5

Sotto Voce -> RE: A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (16/4/2011 3:48:15 PM)

A fairly well done bit of work, though feels very much for teenagers, as is the source material.
Should be remembered that its the first of a series and some things are unexplored or unexplained.

Fluke Skywalker -> RE: A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (10/3/2012 8:21:21 PM)


It's an interesting effort really - pretty ridiculous at times (the main girl turns out to be a super guerilla managing to drive various heavy vehicles, fire guns, blow shit up etc.), however the premise is quite a good one. A small Aussie town taken over by a 'coalition' who basically must be a collection of asian countries led by the Chinese leads to an eerie beginning as they find their houses deserted and some tense moments not least one with a helicopter beaming lights into a house they are holed up in.

Some of the dialogue is a bit lame though and a couple of scenes are plain stupid - when the two girls who have just stolen a fuel tanker get into a conversation about relationships while the baddies are creeping up on them and their mates are wondering what the fuck they are doing - it's unintentionally funny [:D]

Personally I would like to see a sequel to see how the story progresses - it's always cool to see people outside of Hollywood make action movies.

Fluke Skywalker -> RE: A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (10/3/2012 8:22:26 PM)


Fluke Skywalker -> RE: A Tad Unrealistic for my taste (10/3/2012 8:22:34 PM)

It said 'Internal Server error 500' which explains the multiple posts

Alene -> I'm 50/50 on this film (3/8/2012 3:35:26 PM)

When it’s over, I’m 50/50 on this film. I’m at a disadvantage since I haven’t read the young adult series (total of 7 books by John Marsden) in which this film is based on. TWTWB is the first book , thus, the first film with subsequent books already greenlit for the big screen in Australia. Set in rural Australia, seven teens venture on a secluded camping trip only to find upon their return that their town and homes have come under siege. They band together and bear arms to take back their homes and to fight for freedom. I liked the film for its honesty by the way it showed each teen coping with the sudden threat in their lives in differing ways, defining their characters as the story unfolded. What I didn’t like about the film was where it ended. The film felt unfinished, like there was more to come. I didn’t feel a finality to the film as I would other book series made into films. The film ended with the destruction of the bridge, which was odd, because I didn't feel the bridge was the main focus of the film and wasn't introduced into the story until midway. I felt the story was more about saving the families, and was disappointed when that aspect was left open. However, despite my split feelings for this film, I’m curious to see how the film series will develop and would take time out to see it when released.

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