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Empire Admin -> Killing Bono (30/3/2011 7:17:45 PM)

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G_MAN07 -> Em-poor (30/3/2011 7:17:45 PM)

Zooropa was awesome you fools. How uncool is Empire right now?

u2meister -> Very poor review (if it is indeed a review) (31/3/2011 11:17:35 AM)

Again... Zooropa is a great album. There is indeed a great idea behind this film. There are great performances all around. empire needs to do seriously better than this.

n13roy -> Pride, in the name of Love...... (6/4/2011 7:49:36 PM)

I thorougly enjoyed this Film, and thought it was quite clever in the way it showed the varying gaps growing between the two Bands throughout. Sort of reminded me of the wonderful " Commitments " at times too. The soundtrack was great as well. Must admit it did seem a bit sad to see the late Pete Postelwaite in his last role though, brilliant as he was. He will be sadly miseed......

siobhanoid -> i've lost all faith in Empire reviews (7/4/2011 6:13:31 PM)

I loved this film, it was by no means perfect but the performances were amazing! I thought it was really funny too and quite touching in places. I used to be a huge fan of Empire but have really lost faith now. I love the British film industry and think i need to look elsewhere to find a magazine that supports it more. You can go back to swooning over Captain America now if you like.

Edward9630 -> Killing Bono: Review (25/9/2011 1:00:17 AM)

Killing Bono is a good film. It has a good story, good cast and good music. The problems is this isn't the most entertaining film to watch and I've seen better films in this. I would recommend to go see this film.

Emyr Thy King -> RE: Killing Bono: Review (12/10/2011 2:53:13 PM)

I actually thought it was quite a good film and Ben Barnes does a convincing Irish accent. The events (mostly disastrous) leading up to the climax are mostly comical. One being Ben Barnes's character looking up at the ceiling whilst a woman is riding him a la cowboy and he sees a poster of Bono hah. Pete Postlethwaite is very good as always and it's sad that it was one of his last roles. Barnes's co-star Sheehan does all right actually and Krysten Ritter adds a nice level of charm to the proceedings. 

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