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Empire Admin -> The Lincoln Lawyer (18/3/2011 4:51:03 PM)

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musht -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (18/3/2011 6:03:53 PM)

"McConaughey doing what he does best", doesn't he take his shirt off in EVERY movie?

Looking forward to seeing this, just finished the book and I can that it should be easy enough to make into a film

tysmuse -> old school thrills (20/3/2011 9:02:23 PM)

Oh, how refreshing. Cracking stuff. McConaughey is the man. Also, nice to see a LA based thriller that only sees a gun fired twice. Why don't they make more like this?! Has a old-school 90's vibe to it.

JediBobster -> RE: old school thrills (20/3/2011 11:15:37 PM)

Yeah, it would be nice to see more cases for Haller, whether on TV or in the cinema - but then I'd have happily watched a few more adventures of McConaughey's Dirk Pitt and the gang from Sahara too.

The Lincoln Lawyer was good stuff - if not particularly cinematic. It was breezy, clever and satisfying.


musht -> RE: old school thrills (21/3/2011 12:18:59 PM)

could have been a better adaptation of a book which I would thoroughly recommend but a solid enjoyable film all round and McConaughey was perfect casting for Haller

AlanCJ -> RE: old school thrills (21/3/2011 4:31:46 PM)

The Lincoln Lawyer was ok. It is just something about McConaughey that is repetitive and anoying at times. However, I think that he has raised the bar a bit in this movie.


nhassell -> RE: old school thrills (27/3/2011 2:04:40 PM)

Had nothing to see this weekend, so went to see this yesterday evening. Boy, am I glad I did. A really fun, entertaining thriller, that is not always predictable. Reccomend.

captainrentboy -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (27/3/2011 6:57:30 PM)

Just watched it, not too bad, although going from the trailers I was expecting something a bit more thriller-esque.
I thought Philleppe's character would end up being more menacing, whereas sadly he just kept coming across as a mild inconvenience now and again, rather than any sort of serious threat.
Worth a gander, although it could be enjoyed equally as much watching it at home when it hits DVD.

robcas20 -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (1/4/2011 9:05:49 AM)

How come here it gets four stars, yet in the magazine it gets 3???

musht -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (2/4/2011 5:35:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: robcas20

How come here it gets four stars, yet in the magazine it gets 3???

I noticed this as well . . . frankly I think 3 is more accurate though, the review in the mag is also shorter

blindlemonpie -> (3/4/2011 4:19:04 AM)

Very enjoyable but instantly forgettable.

chrisdagnall -> SOLID STUFF (7/4/2011 6:14:32 PM)


bid red mcneil -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (12/4/2011 11:17:47 AM)

true grit was pulled early from our local cinema so went to see LL instead, didt have high hopes for it but was pleasantly surprised, genuinely didnt know how the film was going to finish, was mentioned above this it has a 90's vibe to it - have to agree, was a bit of a throwback, good stuff

myduilaw -> RE: The Lincoln Lawyer (16/4/2011 8:20:43 PM)

this movie is great, a real movie, with matthew mcconaghey giving his first real performance in a long time.

TheMovieAddict101 -> Good but not Excellent (17/7/2011 11:04:53 AM)

Apart from the odd moments where he tended to overact (a hard nosed lawyer hitting the bottle so soon? It was before his mate was shot, as well) It's refreshing to see Matthew McConaughey in something good for a change. I was hoping his streak of crap films would come to an end sometime, and they have. This was a slick, entertaining, stylish thriller with an awesome opening. Maybe next time they could perhaps straighten out the plot a bit next time, to get the most out of it.

Edward9630 -> The Lincoln Lawyer: Review (8/8/2011 2:42:32 AM)

The Lincoln Lawyer is a very good film. The story is just enjoyable to learn about and the actors did a solid performance for their characters. My only problem with this film is there isnt really any twists with the film on the predictable courtroom thriller formula. I would recommend to go see this film.

ROTGUT -> YAWN...... (1/11/2013 4:44:43 PM)

This is the sort of highfalutin’ nonsense that only seems to exist in the minds of Hollywood script writers and novelists. A preposterous plot that seems to have been cudgelled from any number of TV episodes of CSI littered with ciphers and stereotypes by the bushel. The conflicted protagonist who “ does the right thing” because in the end “it’s the right thing to do”, his best friend investigator who has “dead meat “ plastered all over his forehead, the spoilt rich boy socialite who turns out to be a closet psycho together with his equally psychotic mother. The devoted ex-wife who balances a high flying legal career with single motherhood, the loyal chauffer/bodyguard who buses our hero around in the posh Lincoln of the title…….meh…… I just couldn’t summon up the will or enthusiasm to get excited about any of this because it all feels so recycled. But on the plus side – the soundtrack was quite nice. JAGGED EDGE & PRIMAL FEAR are both far better films……TWO STARS

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