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Empire Admin -> Leaving Las Vegas (17/3/2011 5:48:49 PM)

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blaud -> Grim Drama (17/3/2011 5:48:49 PM)

Nicholas Cage is superb as a failed writer who decides to drink himself to death. The glitzy and bright backdrop of Vegas makes for intriguing juxtaposition betweens Cage's actions and the splendid location, and Elizabeth Shue is a great leading lady with a genuine power behind her performance. Sad, unnerving, and often very touching, Leaving Las Vegas is certainly a very well made film with a very well made meaning.

UTB -> RE: Grim Drama (29/1/2012 12:40:52 AM)

Watched this for the upteenth time this evening. Whenever you watch this, you're guaranteed 2 things: 1. You'll always end up having a drink along with it, and 2. You'll always be reminded of just how amazing Shue can be (Cage too, but this is absolutely her movie).

Nothing short of captivating.

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