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Empire Admin -> 33 Great Movie Cameos (16/3/2011 9:17:31 PM)

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Sway -> RE: (16/3/2011 11:36:20 PM)

Tom Cruise's cameo was so toe-curlingly awful.   It's akin to watching your dad go through a tattoo and piercing phase during his later years, just to prove he's still 'down with the kids'.  Topic Thunder was a crap film, and the cameo actually made it worse.

Murray's cameo is fun, yes, but no matter how many times I've seen it, I still don't get why people seem to think it's the best damn thing since sliced bread.  It's Billy Murray, I get it.  Sending himself up and spoofing Ghostbusters, ...so?

Wasn't aware of that Matt Damon spoof, but his 'I'm Fucking Matt Damon' video along with the Bourne trilogy had already sealed his legend status in my eyes.  Such a spoof on Eurotrip just makes me love him even more.

My favourite out of the list would probably be Martin Sheen's cameo in Hot Shots Part Deux - I love the simplicity and yet sheer comedy of it.

xzynomorpher -> RE: Sean Connery???? (17/3/2011 7:48:35 PM)

Patrick Stewart in Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Everyone from the opening of Austin Powers In Goldmember (the only decent thing in that film aside from Michael Caine)
Roger Moore in Curse Of The Pink Panther (the only decent thing in any of the post- Sellers films)

EDIT: Although its only his voice, Jeremy Clakson in the British version of Cars is also classic!

MACaver -> Bruce Willis (4/4/2011 2:47:04 AM)

Bruce Willis' cameo in Ocean's 12 was interesting enough... nice to have that bit of tongue in cheek with Roberts pretending to play herself especially around Willis.

lewistarantino -> William Hurt! (9/4/2011 2:33:42 PM)

What a cameo that was. Incredible performance that earned Hurt a LOT of respect of me :)

RhysEdwards -> Where is The Boss? (11/4/2011 6:13:30 PM)

Not just because it is one of the finer moments in an already stylish and ultimately great movie, but also because of his unerring ability to be awesome.

In case you were wondering, Bruce Springsteen in High Fidelity.


rand_hobart -> Kurt Vonnegut jr (14/4/2011 2:55:08 PM)

Kurt Vonnegut jr's cameo appearance in Rodney Dangerfield's otherwise forgettable Back to School is worthy of mention.

badthoughts -> Why did you have to do that? (23/4/2011 8:58:28 PM)

A nice list all in all but why include Mike Tyson? He's not a comedy actor, he's a convicted rapist. He's a man who should be bereft of all his money and success and everything else in between and putting him in comedy films isn't funny.

Tom Cocozza -> William Hurt (28/12/2011 7:58:57 PM)

I just... William Hurt is so bad in this movie. I asked everyone I know who saw it, we couldn't determine whether he was supposed to be drunk, or retarded. This whole movie is awful, anyway, unrealistic, with terrible, emotionless performances, awful fight choreography, and a ludicrous "mystery" that is basically everyone saying "hey, you're this guy", until the guy admits he is. Also, the point of the film seems to be if you rape your wife she'll like it, and if you murder enough people, your family life will be fine.

red_cap_yak -> Confused list (30/9/2012 9:54:23 PM)

Some OK choices but some terrible ones. Firstly, anytime QT decides to step infront of the camera is bad. He doesn't even qualify as a bad actor, he's not an actor and only ever a distraction on screen.

Tyson and Richards are purely stunt casting and add nothing to the films whereas Bill Murray's cameo in Zombieland could be criticised in the same way, he adds to the film rather than just being there.

The reason the list is confused is because half of these are supporting turns and half of them are cameos, makes little sense.

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