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Empire Admin -> Stone (14/3/2011 10:39:01 AM)

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umer_ejaz -> (28/3/2011 12:17:56 PM)

Empire, you've given this movie four stars but haven't said one bad thing about the movie - surely Stone should be granted 5 stars??

raymond brogan -> (4/4/2011 5:20:38 PM)

I don't know how this above reviewer can give Stone four stars. Is he personal friends with somebody associated with the picture? I know why this film went straight to dvd and it is simply because it is a very poor film that nobody in their right mind would pay hard earned money to watch in the cinema. Edward Norton mumbles his way through a very pedestrian script. Roberd De Niro and Frances Conroy are also wasted in this turgid and predictable dross. The story is weak and the chatcterisation is even weaker. Apart from a few intersting tete a tete scenes with De Niro and Norton, the risible script squanders any potential for enjoyment. It is pretentious crap and I felt cheated out of my money after I rented it. De Niro should really use more discretion when choosing projects. If he continues making pictures like this people will forget about his illustrious earlier films. Edward Norton has not fulfilled the promise he shoewed in the likes of Fight club or American History X. HIs last few films have been below par and this is no exception. Watching this film is like peeing in your pants; it feels okay at the time and then you realize what a mess you have made afterward.

Hillsman -> Dreadful (22/4/2011 3:10:50 PM)

Boring and a bit pointless. The acting is NOT great Empire, while the script is extremely poor. I watched it to the end, but 10% of my mind was enough to follow it while I got on with something more useful / interesting. Norton is fast becoming annoying while De Niro sleep-walks through the film, only coming alive once to tell "Stone" to "sit the f*ck down" in a scene that totally went against his character's behaviour and mentality before that. Not even beautiful Milla could save this tripe. Suggested danger leads to nothing....a lot like this awful film.

rednairb -> The World in Hypocritical Action. (6/6/2011 2:26:18 PM)

Stone's an absorbing philosophical piece about people who sit in judgement and how hard it is to forgive evil. I don't think I've seen a film like it since Monster's Ball, which is also not an easy film to like or watch again, but a far more challenging and rewarding experience than most other movies.

danielthompson99 -> Interesting and involving (29/11/2012 8:19:00 PM)

A interesting allegory about judgement and rightousness, spirituality and god in his many forms. All four of the movies main characters start the movie with their own belief, or lack of belief. The movie throws them all through the wringer, and analyzes how they get through and out the other side.
Norton once again is excellent, and Bob shows once again why he is one of the best actors ever to grace our screens. Top this off with a decent Jovovich performance and you have an intelligent, and thought provoking movie that would also be rewarding to watch with your girlfriend or your mum.
Interesting conversations should be held afterwards.

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