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Empire Admin -> Gnomeo And Juliet (26/2/2011 8:32:41 PM)

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Dr Lenera -> RE:gnomeo and juliet (26/2/2011 8:36:48 PM)

My review disappeared for some reason!

BelfastBoy -> RE: RE: (28/2/2011 10:40:08 AM)

Saw this yesterday, and my kids (11 and 4) both loved it - so it definitely appeals to the target market. There's not much for adults but it's pleasant and really charming. Technically though, it's dazzling - the gnomes are both winningly cute and also - in plot terms - cleverly helped or hindered by their physical characteristics as garden ornaments! I'll say no more on this so go and see it for yourselves. It's not up to Pixar standards of storyline, but the animation is superb and it offers an imaginative and amusing retelling of a very familiar tale.

In terms of the voices, the array of British talent on display is very impressive indeed, although few other than the leads are given much screentime to make an impression. I'm just confused as to why James McAvoy uses an English accent while everyone else speaks normally - such as the very Scottish Ashley Jensen. It's also amusing to note two Professor Charles Xaviers (sort of) sharing a scene together, so this could be a useful future trivia question.

One thing though - I know Elton John's heavily involved on the production side and, although his songs are cleverly adapted and rearranged into the soundtrack, their presence was both distracting and not particularly relevant in places. 'Your Song' is suitably gorgeous as an emotional instrumental, but 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting' wasn't that suitable to underscore a lawnmower race in broad daylight! In that sense then, the Elton song choices were a bit obvious, given the size and depth of his back catalogue.

(P.S. Before Gnomeo and Juliet started, the Green Lantern trailer was shown. I know this is totally off topic but does anyone else agree that this film looks like it's going to be utterly dire?)

Dr Lenera -> RE: RE: (28/2/2011 9:14:21 PM)

As usually happens with any animated movie these days that isnít Pixar, Gnomeo and Juliet has had mainly average reviews but the audience I saw it with, full of kids and adults, loved it and rightly so, this is a terrific audience pleaser, terrific fun from beginning to end.  Of course the story of Romeo and Juliet has had countless cinematic telling and has been adapted in many ways, so perhaps we donít need another version, but it was a stroke of eccentric genius to use garden gnomes this time [I can only one think of one other gnome film,the animated The Gnome Mobile.]  The basic story is there, and the writers cleverly have it both ways by having Shakespeare tell the proper ending [youíll see what I mean] and giving us the happy ending films like this require to send the audience out smiling.  Complaints by purists are ridiculous and narrow minded-this is a perfect way to introduce young kids to the Bard.  This is filled with funny scenes, and I personally havenít laughed so much at a new film in ages, though at times itís more like a Dreamworks film, despite Disney partly producing, with lots of pop culture references and gags aimed at adults.  Now the critics donít like this kind of thing, but sod them, I thought they all worked in this movie except maybe for a Matrix bullet time bit, which has been seen in too many films.  Despite all the irreverence, the central romance is sweet and gives proceedings an emotional centre- I cared far more about it then the romance in Tangled.  Technically this is superb, with the gnomes looking and sounding like actual solid garden gnomes, and although I donít especially like Elton John, his songs do work in the picture and are cleverly adapted into the score.  Thereís a flashback which copies Toy Story 2 but isnít nearly as poignant, and I didnít think enough was done with the Ozzy Osbourne-voiced Fawn-I kind of expected more Donkey from Shrek-though overall the voice cast were great.  I donít care what anyone says, I enjoyed this more than any other of this yearís films so far, and I doubt thereíll be a better animated movie for quite a while.

netts -> gnomeo and juliet animation genius (12/6/2011 10:29:02 PM)

I watched this film with my children tonight and, safe to say, it does exactly what it says on the tin: funny (check), entertaining (yip), charming (it does have animated gnomes - they could not be cuter) and, in my opinion, it is a highly enjoyable film. If you fail to be charmed...a plague on your summer planters!

TheGodfather -> (7/8/2011 10:10:40 PM)

Gnomeo & Juliet
"This story has been told before... A lot. And we're going to tell it again, but different." It indeed is something different to see the old Romeo and Juliet story being told from the point of view of a couple of Gnomes.It turned out to be a fun film but nothing special. The funniest thing about it are the nods to other films.
Funny to have seen but that was about it.


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