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Empire Admin -> The Mechanic (3/2/2011 11:24:02 PM)

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Sanya -> Normal 1time action (3/2/2011 11:24:02 PM)

look above

reminn -> (4/2/2011 11:41:28 PM)


rick_7 -> RE: (11/2/2011 12:36:48 PM)

The original is terrible. Especially the bit where Bronson tries to give Keenan Wynn a heart-attack by chasing him.

bigdog1000 -> (14/2/2011 1:13:19 AM)

i would give this more a 3.5 but as i cant im going higher to a four. Def worth a watch

MonsterCat -> RE: The Mechanic (9/6/2011 10:36:37 PM)

I caught up with this last night and thought it was a solidly made and entertaining bit of fluff.

Jason Statham does his usual gruff hardman schtick and Ben Foster is good as his twitchy apprentice. However, Tony Goldwyn is sorely underused here. The man knows how to do the sleazy bad guy, but his screen time barely adds up to 15 minutes in a 85 minute movie. But he does get to deliver the best comeback in the entire movie.

Nothing to write home about then, but it's a decent little time killer.

lewisb548 -> Dark, Brutal,Action, Thriller with lots of explosions. (6/8/2011 1:17:07 PM)

The storys simple on this one, Statham is Arthur Bishop an assassin with tiny shreds of a heart, who is conned into killing his best mate, Donald Sutherland by the "Agency" so Statham out for bloody revenge, seeks the assisstance of Sutherlands troubled son, played with charm by Ben Foster, but the trouble with the Mechanic is that everyone is underwritten even Statham.
Mini Aden is Stathams love interest and is woefully underwritten, despite being a likeable character, DAMN YOU WRITERS!! Sutherland makes a croaky performance as the wheelchair bound Harry, the trouble with this performance is you cant understand a fucking thing he says.
Ben Foster and Statham carry the weight of the film delivering the action and most of the dialogue. The action scenes are well choreographed and are pretty brutal, Tony Goldwyn just like every other character in the film is underwritten, as the sleasy bad guy, but his brief appearance is memorable as he handles the weight of villain quite easily, being the villain in this film is pretty easy though because Goldwyn is in a mere 15-20 mins of the film. Another villain is the gay but very tall paedophile who Foster decides to kill with hand to hand combat, bad move, because that decision resulted in a house being trashed a fridge being destroyed and Foster being flung like a ragdoll through a bookcase. This being probably the best action sequence. Lets hope for a sequel, eh?
The action is good but comes in frequent short bursts, buts its nice to see that this is one of the better action films of the year, mostly due to Statham and Foster and the appearance of Mini Aden, brief as it may be.

Edward9630 -> The Mechanic: Review (8/8/2011 2:19:15 AM)

The Mechanic is an alright film. Had very good fighting scenes and Jason Statham did a good job for his performance. Theproblm with the film is that it wasent amazing and some scenes are just quite boring. I would recommend this film to be a rental.

the film man -> The Mechanic Review (29/2/2012 1:29:42 AM)

Jason Statham and Ben Foster turn in enjoyable performances, but this superficial remake betrays them with mind-numbing violence and action thriller cliches.

the film man -> The Mechanic Review (29/2/2012 1:29:43 AM)

Jason Statham and Ben Foster turn in enjoyable performances, but this superficial remake betrays them with mind-numbing violence and action thriller cliches.

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