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Empire Admin -> The Dilemma (22/1/2011 3:32:51 PM)

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bretty -> woeful (4/2/2011 12:03:56 AM)

what a waste of an evening

lewisb548 -> DILLEMMA, DECENT COMEDY/ DRAMA FARSE. (17/7/2011 4:43:57 PM)

Ronny played by Vince Vaughn is best mates with Nick played by Kevin James,. their best friends, they love each other, yet the chemistry between the two actors is bloated and out of shape.
Just like the two actors! Now the first 20 minutes or so of the Dilemma is terrible, a boring overly romantic mess, with an un-funny un-needed performance from Queen Latifah.
Jennifer Connelly sparks as the put upon wife of Ronny who doesn't really do much even in the super dramatic finale.
The plot for the Dillema is simple, an average Joe sees his best mates wife cheating, should he tell? He probably should.
But this film squeezes so much comedy out of the dramatic situation its amazing. The films plot is squeezed dry to the point of stalking and interventions, now with this type of premise you'd expect Ronny to be simply trying to get evidence, to the affair but no, the surprisingly good film manages to make Winona Ryder at first the sexy wife of Nick, into the backstabbing black mailing bitch from hell.
This is by far no perfect movie and most viewers will be surprised that Ron"apollo 13" Howard with his Da-vinci code fame made this type of film, but every one was also surprised when James.L.Brooks directed "How do you Know.", terrible terrible film. Now the Dillema during the last 45 minutes or so becomes exceedingly dramatic, in a need to provide more depth to a film that didn't really need any. Most of the film is Vaughn fuelled laughter as he tries to snap a few photos of the cannivving cheating Ryder, all he manages to do in this sequence though is engage in a surprisingly violent fight with Channing Tatum who makes a welcome appearance in his best performance to date, as the lover of Ryder who is un-beknownst to the whole situation until the intervention set finale, where he takes revenge on Ronny for killing his fish,and its great to see Vaughn punching Tatum, this comedy is far from bittersweet, its dark its funny, overly dramatic but its a decent comedy to watch with your more mature friends.

Edward9630 -> The Dilemma: Review (8/8/2011 2:18:22 AM)

The Dilemma is a terrible film. The only good thing about this film is Vince Vaughan and Kevin James acting because i like them from other comedy films. The problems with this film is the story isnt balance, some scenes feel like there going onto difeerent episodes and that wasent good, the film was barelly funny at all and the actors could have done a better job on the characters but they didnt. I would recommend not to see this film.

chrisdagnall -> AGREE WITH BRETTY......... (31/1/2012 8:02:50 PM)


RJNeb2 -> RE: AGREE WITH BRETTY......... (21/9/2012 8:53:29 AM)

Probably the worst movie Ron Howard has ever made, yes, even worse than Far and Away. I simply didn't buy the fact that 2 lunkhead fatties like Vaughn and James would both have incredible slimline hotties as girlfriends/ wives. The only time I managed a vague smile was when Channing Tatum was onscreen. That boy has some good comedy talent, as he so riotously proved in 21 Jump Street. Otherwise, this is one of the worst, unfunniest comedies I've seen in a long time.

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