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Empire Admin -> Bond Is Back Back Back! Officially. (12/1/2011 1:24:06 AM)

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62Parker -> RE: Bond Is Back Back Back! Officially. (12/1/2011 9:24:12 AM)

This is great news, I had a horrible thought they might try and shoehorn Zac Efron into Daniel Craig's size 10's had he walked away from the series.

morg1138 -> RE: Awesome! (12/1/2011 9:31:24 AM)

I am not a big fan of James Bond but Sam Mendes is a director I like and if I remember from watching special features he likes to only film in real locations, not studios or sound stages.  I wonder how he will fit this in a James Bond film?  Might have to change his filming style a wee bit?

admiralbastard -> RE: Bond Is Back Back Back! Officially. (12/1/2011 9:57:41 AM)

I've not really enjoyed bond for a long time. Craig just seems to pout his way through on auto pilot. I'm sure he's a good actor, he's just not really done it for bond. Why don't they get in some new writers too? Neal Purvis and Robert Wade must've had their chance by now...time to move on.

But, I'm sure if they left Sam Mendez to make the film on his own terms it would be brilliant. They need to forget Bourne and bring the tone back to the classic 60s ones (I know it's been said to death, but it's still true). Lets have him playing golf with the Villain again.

JIm R -> RE: Bond Is Back Back Back! Officially. (12/1/2011 10:10:56 AM)

All good news, DC's back and Bond's back on. Loved both his films and very much looking forward to this.
Now if they can just get Michael Sheen in as Blofeld to be the big bad of Quantum, then I think that will complete the whole situation.

the ageless stranger -> RE: BANG! Blood dribbles down! (12/1/2011 11:40:49 AM)

Glang! Glangalangalangalanglangalang....

Scruffybobby -> RE: Bond to be good (12/1/2011 1:41:17 PM)

My post has disappeared. Bloody spammers!

I'm glad this is now officially underway, I was one of the few (it seems) that really enjoyed Quantum of Solace and I'm keen to see where they go with it. It's also well timed for the series 50th anniversary (where does the time go? Seems like only a couple of years ago that Die Another Day was out for the 40th).

UTB -> RE: Bond to be good (12/1/2011 1:48:31 PM)

I enjoyed Quantum Of Solace too, especially if you watch it back to back with Casino Royale.

Will be good to see what Mendes does with it.

chewbacasnapsak -> RE: (12/1/2011 9:46:47 PM)

Less Bourne, More Awesome. I think it's high time for some abseiling ninjas (lady ones obviously).

Concise_Statement -> RE: Fanatstic news! (12/1/2011 10:09:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: spideed2

Lets avoid the bandwaggon jumping...Quantum was a good movie

Um, sorry it's not a bandwagon. People don't hate the film just to annoy you or seem cool. It's many people's genuine opinion, including myself, that this was a badly directed mess with an unfinished script, tonally all over the place, incomprehensible action that shows Paul Greengrass has lot more storytelling talent than people give him credit for, and strangely dull and plodding for such a frenetically edited film. If it was a bandwagon, people would have stayed on it back went the press were dismissing Craig as the new Bond and caused Casino Royale to fail. That didn't happen because there is a marked difference in the quality of the two movies. I concede that Quantum still made money, but word of mouth could have killed Casino's box office stone dead and still didn't, whereas Quantum's success was down to the anticipation built up for the sequel - but the audience and critic satisfaction rate went way down. My prediction for Craig's third film is that it'll make money because of the four year waiting game and the lure of Mendes, but bad word of mouth won't allow it to beat Casino's records.

Histeria -> RE: Bond to be good (13/1/2011 3:32:35 PM)



I enjoyed Quantum Of Solace too, especially if you watch it back to back with Casino Royale.

Will be good to see what Mendes does with it.

Agreed. QoS makes an enjoyable, but kinda wobbly film by itself, but a really rather an interesting epilogue to CR.

jobloffski -> RE: Bond to be good (14/1/2011 1:43:12 AM)

IMO that's the only way to see QOS, since it clearly was never meant to act as a standalone piece, but as the 'fallout' for Bond's psyche/character of falling in love with Vespa, being betrayed by her, being so livid he momentarily considered putting a bullet in her head, then deciding he still loved her, desperately trying to save her from drowning at the end after shooting out the floating supports of the building that created the circumstances in which Vespa would die.

He's not a happy chappie when he's cradling her dead body in his arms. And he's trying to deny all feelings of any kind for her when he say's 'Job's done. The bitch is dead. Because it's his fault she's dead, so the grief can't ever be gotten over, and the betrayal can't ever be apologised for.

It would be pretty ludicrous to go straight from Bond weeping over Vespa's body to good old fashioned Bondism in the next film, and I believe it was never part of the plan to even try that.

The relationship with Vespa nearly made him the man he wanted to be, a happy man, able to believe he has a chance forget about all the spying nonsense. How it ended smashed him into a million pieces, and he remains in those pieces until the 'please shoot me, don't let me burn' type request towards the end of QOS gets through his self absorption and he gets a small amount of comfort from being able to save the girl's life this time round.

His character was raised high by meeting/loving Vepsa and had had a long way to fall, he hits the ground, and survive, to then be able to become the Bond people keep bitching he isn't so far. In fact, the opening titles of QOS feature that very image, Bond, falling, and falling and falling...he hit's the ground. He gets up and walks away.

I believe that is the 'point' and 'theme' of QOS, and the baddies weren't outlandish in the way some people wanted because the film was about Bond's character development.

Nothing was known about quantum so, but although the film revealed little on that score, it did reveal that the baddie sang like a canary about Quantum, and that will without a shadow of a doubt be reflected in the next film, when Bond v Quantum will probably take on the 'battle of giant egos' stature that has had its absence mourned recently.

But James Bond, 007 is a man who is broken on the inside, who will take on Quantum and it's various head honchos with something approaching glee, because he will taking on those who are to blame for him being broken on the inside, and this surface sheen of enjoying his work will provide everything the naysayers want, in terms of flippant comebacks, dastardly deeds, and pussy galore (sorry).

That's what I think anyway. The building work has been done, the scene has been set, and now the 'world' of Bond has been remade after the shitpile that was die another day. the filmmakers can bring on the fun elements. Hopefully I wont have to dig out this post and eat every word when the next film comes out, but the way I see the current situation and how CR and QOS, as one big story have set up the possibility of the kind of Bond movie some are begging for is:

Job's done. But the bitch(ing) isn't dead.

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