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Darkwarriorjc -> Kung Fu panda sequels (5/1/2013 10:28:06 PM)

Hey I'm a big fan of Kung Fu panda and I want
to say is that I want the six chapters of Kung Fu
panda to come out cause watching the 2nd Kung
Fu panda and reading the comments about the
3rd one coming out in 2016 made me want to
see the next one and the other chapters and I'm
wondering and afraid to asked if there if there is
going to be a love scene in the movies cause in the 2nd movie she didn't
want to lose po and hugged
him and her being sad of losing him when shen shot
him in the factory and in the scene when monkey
said "po would want us to remain strong hardcore right
tigress" and she looked like she was going to cry
so I asked myself if there was going to be a Kung Fu panda movie that if there is going to be a love scene so thought I get my answers on here so if anyone knows tell me on here tho it would be a great idea if the 3rd movie had a love scene in it cause hey there's got to love in it you know all that happy ever after thing like shrek so yeah that's it answer away

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