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Empire Admin -> Dolph Lundgren Working With Uwe Boll?! (2/12/2010 8:33:20 AM)

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ED-209 -> RE: (2/12/2010 12:48:10 PM)

Noooooooooo!! Dolph, you're too nice a guy to let this happen to you! Maybe you should fire your agent! 

kumar -> RE: Oh Dear Lord.......... (2/12/2010 2:11:03 PM)



"It's like contemporary, right now, big city, and we have Dolph Lundgren basically being a cop... and one night he gets attacked by ninjas in his house and fell with the ninjas into a vortex back in time. And then it turns out it's fifty years after In the Name of the King ended, and [fantasy land] Ehb is destroyed and Jason Statham and everybody who was in the first part got wiped out... And Dolph is the son of Jason Statham, and he was sent into the future and brought up in an orphanage, because the parents felt they would all die.

I havent decided if this is awesome or awesomely shite, but I know what the outcome will be. Hands down, ive got to give it to Uwe Boll if he is good at one thing its pitching these wacky ideas to rich people to get their investment- or he is beating people into submission in the boxing ring!
Is Dolph delusional too? Fun to exercise your acting chops?! WTF? Since when was Uwe Boll master of directors and people and why does he need to prepare his acting skills for Expendables- since when was that theatre stuff???!!

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