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Phubbs -> RE: (7/10/2012 4:16:30 AM)

22 Bullets (FRA, aka L'immortel, 2010)

Sounds epic and stars Jean Reno, I was expecting a rip roaring 'Leon' type gun flick but alas. The film isn't bad by any means but its rather slow with a lot of dialog, and with subs that can be a slog.

The action kicks off straight away as we see Reno's character having a good time with his son only to be ambushed by his car and gunned down in brutal fashion reminiscent of 'Murphy's' execution in 'Robocop'.

After seeing this I was thinking 'OK...let the revenge commence'. That is what the film is based around naturally, Reno's character getting revenge for his attack and uncovering who and why, which of course leads to the odd double cross.

The whole film is really well made, looks good and classy but its pretty boring in all honesty. There is the odd violent flare which gets you excited, Reno taking out the odd bad guy in revenge, but its few and far between. A more sensible thriller instead of the larger than life kick ass revenge flick I hoped for.

The ending is also rather uneventful to say the least. I felt somewhat disappointed by the end but appreciate the quality acting on show from Reno and other French actors, I think the films poster and title does mislead you a little.

RJNeb2 -> 4 stars (31/5/2015 12:50:49 PM)

Slick Euro thriller finds retired gangster Reno pumped full of 22 bullets, miraculously surviving and making it his mission to find out who was behind his ordered execution. This is the kind of film that producer Luc Besson can do in his sleep but it’s stylishly made, goes at a fast clip, isn’t as nonsensical as some of his other efforts and is nicely grounded by Reno’s gravitas.

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