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Empire Admin -> 50 Greatest Animated Characters (27/10/2010 5:25:52 PM)

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elab49 -> RE: NA (27/10/2010 5:34:15 PM)

So as that's 10, you mean any list that doesn't agree absolutely with you isn't a good one?

THe link doesn't appear to be working from the forum or findable from the site - but doesn't the post above actually say Gromit is no, 1?

musht -> RE: (27/10/2010 7:16:41 PM)

Insectosaurus ove B.O.B. . . . NO!!! Also i've always thought Timothy the mouse was the unsung hero of Dumbo. Agree with Gromit though, he's an utter legend
I don't think Gollum would count as animated, maybe i'm wrong but he doesn't jump out as animated BBrandon

musht -> RE: what? (27/10/2010 9:23:21 PM)


a personal favourite of mine are the mice from Cinderella

totally forgot bout these fucking legends, make me go looking for this


jamiezechner -> RE: Why do people hate these lists so much? (28/10/2010 12:28:17 AM)


ORIGINAL: hemibell

I hate to be a peskerino, but the picture for Tetsuo has Kaneda's face. Although I suppose the stuff surrounding him technically is Tetsuo.

I was going to note that also. it's still technically Tetsuo, but i would have liked to have seen a better picture of him; like the scene where he puts on the red cape

manofwords -> RE: Hello ??? (28/10/2010 3:51:51 AM)

This seems like quite a strange list to me. No characters from the last great disney, The Lion King? No Pinocchio, King Louie, Dopey, or Bambi? Saddam was far funnier than Satan in South Park. Kim Jong-Il in Team America (and even Matt Damon) was hilarious.

Drew_231 -> RE: Hello ??? (28/10/2010 9:24:14 AM)

What about King Louis from the Jungle Book?

King of the Swingers is one of the greatest moments in film history!!

mystra -> RE: MOVIE, guys. (28/10/2010 10:48:30 AM)


ORIGINAL: The Tingler

I'm against a few choices there, even against a lot of commenters - specifically Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and Homer Simpson, because they're great on TV, not on film. Satan's debatable, but as he's only really been a main character in the South Park movie rather than series I'll let him pass.

Otherwise an interesting list! A real surprise No. 1 too.

thank you! Most of the characters people are complaining about seeing didn't have much in the way of movies (i'm not denying they did at all, i know they were in films) - but had a primary presence on TV rather than on the big screen..that's why i'm not sure about Gromit being first... W&G only had one feature film (so far) and have featured predominantly on TV.

Whoever called Mickey a twat i agree lol i always hated him!

But yes where is half the cast of the Lion King..also the dinosaurs from Land Before Time? And Edna Mode!!!

Was this a public survey they did for this or their own by the way..i dont remember ever being asked....so i'm guessing it's their own...

elab49 -> RE: No. 1 (28/10/2010 11:16:19 AM)

I think you're forgetting that most of these Disney and Looney Tunes characters started in shorts on the big screen before they were shown on TV. Therefore, unlike Gromit, first seen in the movies even though, since TV took over in the 50s, most everyone solely knows them from TV now.

That said, Empire does film and TV lists - I'd have thought any character was fair game rather than just cinema, anyway?[:)]

JIm R -> RE: 50 Greatest Animated Characters (28/10/2010 1:26:18 PM)

Possibly the worst assembled list ever on these type of compilations that the magazine has ever put together, not sure which half witted f*ckwit put this toegther but they've go no idea.  

mystra -> RE: 50 Greatest Animated Characters (28/10/2010 3:03:45 PM)



The list does'nt say that it is for animated characters in feautre lenght movies. So lot's of the characters should have been out of the list.
But there are lots of charcters in feautre length films missing.
What about Donald Duck? Has been in lot's of movies. More than Daffy.
Jimmini Cricket? The best character in Pinocchio.
Merlin from the Sword in the Stone?
Winnie The Pooh? Or at least Tigger should be on the list.
A couple of the characters from Oliver and Co could be on the list, Tito f.ex.
Scrooge McDuck should have been on the list. He has had many appearences in movies. Ducktales the movie among others. And even though Mickeys Christmas Carol was a short, it was shown in theatres right before The Rescuers.
And as other people have said. No Lion King characters?

urrgh not Winne the Pooh and Tigger etc... Disney killed them for me, much preferred the original EH Shephard creations in the original Milne books, much nicer and not embezzled on every bad tattoo and tramp stamp across the chav nations

teemto -> RE: No Donald Duck or Goofy?!? (28/10/2010 5:05:47 PM)

I mean, for the sports goofy shorts alone, Goofy should have a spot in the top 10.

kirsty13 -> come on!! (29/10/2010 6:11:35 PM)

seriously disagree wit da whole thing...alot of the characters should be there but not where they were placed. and come on nothing from The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland or Pinocchio. GROMIT no way deserved top billing [:@]

Gimli The Dwarf -> RE: Eric Cartman (2/11/2010 12:55:19 PM)

Some great characters and a perfect choice for number one, but I'm baffled by some of the choices. Lilo and not Stitch? Insectosaurus? Hiccup? And so many classic animated characters missing.

clownfoot -> RE: If its not MY top 50 it must be sh*t! Waaaa! (2/11/2010 3:41:07 PM)


ORIGINAL: captainamazing

Honestly - its the article writer's choices. No matter how impartial they try to be, it's incredibly unlikely their choices would match anyone else's - film is an art form and 'best' is equal to 'favourite', which is not measurable or definable by any scale. Stop crying.

Even when these kind of top 50 lists are voted for by the readers people inevitably disagree and whinge that the list is terrrible. You've only to look at the top listings of films on IMDB to realise that majority rule can be a terrible thing! Like what you like, and let other people like what they like!

Unfortunately, such undoubted good sense would make a popular film Forum, informed on subjective divisive opinion, really rather dull... [sm=whistle.gif]

mystra -> RE: BACKWARDS (3/11/2010 1:22:40 PM)


ORIGINAL: princemadonna

I don't count Pixar as animation, animation you draw with your hands - using talent. CGI is not animation in my book.

So what about stop-motion? that's not drawn with your hands?

that's a pretty narrow minded view to have of animation! Although i do agree Tinkerbell deserved to be on the list

pete_traynor -> RE: BACKWARDS (9/11/2010 3:32:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: princemadonna

I don't count Pixar as animation, animation you draw with your hands - using talent. CGI is not animation in my book.

Christ on a bendy bus! What the fuck are you talking about? It takes a ludicrous amount of talent to 'animate' to the level that Pixar do. Pencil, paint brush, chalk, clay, pen, graphics tablet or mouse… all are simply tools, nothing more. Regardless of the method, it takes imagination and talent to produce great animation. And be under no narrow minded, misguided illusion… Pixar animators are animators of the highest order. Some of the very best working today.

Not liking the sound of your book...

white mage -> RE: BACKWARDS (11/11/2010 1:00:01 PM)

I think Empire did a good job with this list, thinking how many animated films are out there now. I think to fit everyones expectations the flist wou;d be well over a hundred. I happy to see Carl and Dug from Up in there, but it's strange that the villians from Snow White, 101 Dalmations and Peter Pan but not the lead charaters. Gormit was a clever for a winning, he's an unslung hero

Johnny_A -> RE: http://clothingtrade.us (22/11/2010 2:41:58 PM)

Gotta give another heads up to The Lion King. So many great characters from THE best Disney movie of all time, and none of them mentioned at all. Simba at least should be in the top 3, if not #1 period. There are great songs, action, ambiance, character development, love story, the works. This movie has it all. So why no mention? Travesty I say! Travesty!

carlminez -> Rhino? Are you freaking kidding with me!? (27/1/2011 6:24:59 PM)

I just cannot take this list seriously knowing that Rhino, perhaps the most annoying, one-dimensional and shallow character the animated genre has to offer, was added to the list!

But THE WORST THING is that Bolt, a character that has been grossly underrated by critics but still has one of the most touching, contrasty and rich personalities ever was NOT mention, besides being from the same movie!

Bolt has depth. The loud and stupid comic relief known as Rhino should appeal the dumbest half of the audience, exclusively.

Ignitron -> (24/7/2011 3:40:40 PM)

The best character in "Up" is Ellie. You know, Carl's wife.

something clever -> i thought this was an ANIMATED character poll!!! (29/2/2012 8:09:52 PM)

last time i checked gromit is STOP MOTION not handrawn animation! its different he shouldn't be on the list! heathens!!!

scottclarke98 -> (29/2/2012 8:18:16 PM)

Russell from UP should be the best animated character!:D

steck -> Bring In Petrie! (23/9/2012 6:14:57 AM)

I didn't see any of the "Land Before Time" characters included. That needs to be changed!

Kirin -> That´s not Fiver (7/10/2012 5:00:35 PM)

The rabbit market on this picture is not Fiver, it´s Dandelion. The grey one is Hawkbit, the brown one Hazel.

MoneyMike -> FROLLO (20/12/2012 3:48:51 AM)

I don't know when this list was made, but where's Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Sam elder -> (5/1/2013 1:38:56 AM)

Surely Genire should be number 1? For Robin Williams vocals alone. With Mike in number 2. Toy Story's supporting cast need more love too, like Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, Slinky and even the army men. No Bambi or Shere Khan also saddened me. As well as Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro who is a great creation. Kaneda is also superior to Tetsuo for just being unfathomably cool.

Darren47 -> 2 Steps to make it better (9/10/2013 12:24:29 AM)

Darren47 -> Edit this list! and how? (16/10/2013 7:36:51 PM)

thegiant55 -> NOOOOOO (11/4/2014 10:23:02 PM)


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