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Empire Admin -> The Hobbit Will Stay In New Zealand! (27/10/2010 8:40:35 AM)

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BOHEMIANBOB -> RE: Spot on! (27/10/2010 8:53:01 AM)

There was never going to not be a deal.It's a win-win.New Zealand gets its film,and the film gets the set it needed.
Could never have imagined this anywhere else!

dori -> RE: Spot on! (27/10/2010 7:54:39 PM)

GREAT NEWS! This insures that there can be no doubt in the continuity of Middle Earth as a set. Yes, it could have been filmed somewhere else but the discerning Rings fan would be able to tell. This is one movie event I can't wait for. All the pieces seem to be coming together...New Zealand, Peter Jackson (as good as Del Toro is, it just wouldn't be the same), casting coming along nicely (just waiting for McKellen and Serkis to say yes).

I've been reading Sean Astins book about LOTR to whet my appetite although getting around to watching the extended editions again is proving impossible at the moment due to family and other commitments. I will find the time at some point though!

One question....will they stick with the same effects used in LOTR or do a phantom menace and use up to date state of the art newfangled stuff! a minor quibble which may be irrelevant once those 3D versions of the trilogy come out.

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