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Empire Admin -> Red (22/10/2010 9:36:19 AM)

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blindfold -> Dick Comment (22/10/2010 2:27:21 PM)

"in case the combined age wasn't close enough to 1000"
That wasn't funny or clever.

PerfectlyFlawed -> RE: Dick Comment (22/10/2010 3:24:39 PM)

I thought this effort was dreadful. Not at all funny.


Sanya -> (22/10/2010 4:24:06 PM)

I like this shit,it reminds me about Golden Eye with Brosnan and it's made like the comedy of 90's

JonnyPitt456 -> more Helen Mirren Please (22/10/2010 6:21:09 PM)

A fun enough film that is dodgily directed and has far too many pointless CGI effects added that ruin the flow of an ok film. The film gets better as Helen Mirren turns up ;who is surprisingly good as an action heroin. The film needs the group to get together quicker rather than the pointless wondering of the script.

johnc59 -> Pretty Decent Fun (22/10/2010 10:34:46 PM)

Angie Errigo has got it about right for this entertaining movie. Nothing surprising or out of the ordinary but fun because of the cast, especially Malkovich, and some nice little touches, such as Parker's reactions to every new development.

joanna likes films -> Funny, Fun And Entertaining. (23/10/2010 6:31:44 PM)

Red is awesome, it's a must see for sure. Bruce Willis is THE DUDE in action films, he's so cool! Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malechvich were pretty good too. Karl Urban was great eye candy. Plenty of action, laughable humour and not to be taken too seriously plot, Red is funny, fun and very entertaining.

joanna likes films -> Funny, Fun And Entertaining. (23/10/2010 6:31:45 PM)

Red is awesome, it's a must see for sure. Bruce Willis is THE DUDE in action films, he's so cool! Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malechvich were pretty good too. Karl Urban was great eye candy. Plenty of action, laughable humour and not to be taken too seriously plot, Red is funny, fun and very entertaining.

bretty -> Excellent! (24/10/2010 1:02:02 AM)

Knight and Day and Salt - both recent 'okay' films failed to blend action and fun in the way this does. A great cast, good action and a nice touch of humour. A packed cinema all seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

ehowarth -> (24/10/2010 3:39:06 PM)

It’s hard to think of the usually prim and proper Helen Mirren blasting bad guys with a machine gun in between drinks at a fundraiser party, or the award winning John Malkovich squeezing a stuffed pig under one arm and brandishing a revolver with the other, yet it’s this kind of trashy, off-the-wall fun that RED relishes. This isn’t a film about slick young spies with laser watches and BMWs; it’s about battling assassins in slippers, bestowing wisdom on the young while aiming a sniper rifle over a snow drift. It’s retirees cut loose from their old political ties and personal grudges, coming together in an unlikely group for one last mission.
With this caliber of great actors and actresses squeezing the triggers, and a darkly funny yet thinly-plotted graphic novel as its source material, you can forgive RED for occasionally shambling off in odd directions and pausing where films with more youthful audiences might move swiftly forward (such as a friendly catch-up with an ex mortal enemy and Russian spy, played by an always charming Brian Cox). But at the sacrifice of a streamlined and, let’s face it, plausible plot comes some choice moments with seasoned actors who aren't afraid to make fun of themselves a little, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Timon -> RE: (24/10/2010 6:59:30 PM)

Decent action film, but not really memorable. Any stand out moments were purely due to Malkovich. Plus Morgan Freeman just disappeared during the Second Act....


Yes, I know he died, but it was a complete non-event


Still, Willis can still kick ass with the best of them and I can't wait to see Urban as Judge Dredd.


Invader_Ace -> RE: RE: (24/10/2010 8:36:29 PM)

Brian Cox was awesome.
As was Helen Mirren, she should do more action!
Also Malchovich was a laugh too.
It's got the energy and sense of old caper film.  Liked it.
A good 3 stars.

sarkycant -> Retired, Extremely, Dull. (25/10/2010 12:36:28 AM)

I thought it blew big baby chunks, don't know what the other posters saw in it. Unfunny in the extreme with forgettable action sequences, a total waste of a pretty impressive cast line-up.

Wild about Wilder -> RE: Retired, Extremely, Dull. (25/10/2010 9:44:04 AM)

Saw it Saturday afternoon in a pretty packed cinema & along with everyone else really enjoyed it, especially Malkovich & the fight scene between Willis & Urban . I like it when you get to see "PROPER ACTORS" get to kill people & blow shit up rather than do a 10 minute monolouge Dame Helen's never looked sexier than when she was blowing people away[sm=icon_smile_pistols.gif][sm=love01.gif]. A FUN 4/5

Whistler -> RED (25/10/2010 2:24:38 PM)

All that can be said about Red is that it's decent. Nothing more, nothing less. The script is solid enough, the acting is solid enough and the direction is solid enough. It's less of an action movie than the trailer might suggest, but it's still great to see all these classic actors back and working together. If it weren't for them, a star would have to be taken off because the biggest appeal for this film is the inclusion of Willis, Malkovich, Freeman and Mirren etc. (Actually the biggest appeal is Helen Mirren holding a machine gun - which was awesome).

Above all it's good fun action flick - but nothing remotely serious, which is fine because it doesn't try to be.

Zayd Awan -> Wasted Premise (25/10/2010 4:15:54 PM)

The premise is decent enough and the calling the cast all-star is an understatement, however It felt much lacking in the 'oldies gone wild' tone you get from the trailer or indeed the title. Willis gives a very hard boiled performance with heart and intensity, Malkovich adds a good comedic aspect to the film that was unexpectedly welcome but Freeman restricted screen time is heavily felt, he is almost dangled in front of us tormenting us with his absence.
The action was minimal and it felt to modern and needed some 'old school' presence to really
get the adrenaline pumping. The story was too deep and then film lacked enough fun or charisma to get the audience exited.
So a brilliant cast with great acting but not enough to get your teeth into.

BOHEMIANBOB -> RE: Wasted Premise (25/10/2010 10:06:01 PM)

It's a bit one dimensional,but it's decent sunday afternoon type fare.
With the cast here you can't help but feel it's a squandered opportunity for something better.
Willis fans will lap it up.
It does look like the cast are having a bit more fun than the audience though!
A faltering 3 stars.

juanvasquez -> RE: Wasted Premise (25/10/2010 10:27:21 PM)

Surprised this is getting slated as much as it is. Thought it was a right laugh! Loved every minute of it. The whole cast was great, particularly Malkovic. He has a great character who was a lot funnier than I was expecting. Yeah the story wasn't ground breaking, but watching that great cast work together so well, as well as some genuinely great action scenes, made for a thoroughly enjoyable movie.


properdave -> RE: Wasted Premise (25/10/2010 11:14:38 PM)

Pretty much feel the same, an enjoyable film for what its worth.

Just couldn't get rid of the feeling Willis is generally lost in the action except for one great fight scene. Malkovic steals the show, Mirren and Cox make a lovely duet and Freeman was silky smooth.

UTB -> RE: Wasted Premise (26/10/2010 1:34:15 PM)


xzynomorpher -> Oh well (26/10/2010 8:45:39 PM)

This should have been awsome, but the director seemed more focused on blowing things up than properly using his all star cast. There is not nearly enough interaction between the characters, all of whom are one dimensional and unpleasant to watch. in fact- if you were to recast them with the Expandables there would be very little difference. Overall, the film seems to simply not understand the humor behind casting these actors in it- something even the trailers managed to grasp.

Of course, if all you are looking for is just balls of the wall action- this film fits the bill perfectly. However, with those guys in it- I think we had the right to expect something more.

properdave -> RE: Oh well (26/10/2010 9:16:18 PM)

That's a bit harsh on the Expendables.

Zayd Awan -> Expendables (26/10/2010 10:04:13 PM)

Not really the Expendables was a load of crap. It was too action and not enough story and the special effects when that guy was on fire at the end made me cringe for the director. It was awful and was hyped up so much, however Terry Crews with that shotgun was pretty darn cool. But to reitterate the rest was utter donkey balls and trying to be to macho

Mr Terrific -> RE: Expendables (27/10/2010 11:15:19 PM)

The film was ok. Very average.
It had good set-pieces and decent laughs.
All in all not a bad film, but forgettable nonetheless.

I thought it could have done with more of the darkness of the graphic novel.


paulyboy -> RE: Expendables (28/10/2010 10:22:12 AM)

Enjoyable but there just isn't enough laughs or plot to sustain the running time this thing has, it's overlong (or underwritten...) by a good 30 minutes I'd say. Trim the fat and you'd have a really decent comic caper, as it stands it's a bit of chore in places.

When it works though it's great, with the action sequences fun and the cast bouncing off each other fantastically.


Hobbitonlass -> RE: Wasted Premise (28/10/2010 10:26:13 AM)




Lucky for you I recognised the username or I'd have banned yo arse for spamming! [8D] [:D]

mgreene -> RE: Red (30/10/2010 9:29:36 PM)

Yes, it's one dimensional. Yes, it's derivative. But, what's wrong with some good, clean fun every so often? It looked like everyone was having an awesome time, and to be honest I'll watch Mary Louise Parker in just about anything.


Letattz -> RE: Red (31/10/2010 1:58:46 PM)

Really enjoyed some moments in it, but it wasn't very sure of itself - the comedy at times was misplaced and allowed for absolutely no emotional attachment - even to Morgan Freeman when his character died.  I was more upset his costume went with him!  Is it just me, or is Helen Mirren really unlikable in film?  Urban was good though - makes you think there is a real star waiting to be given a decent role and script.

I think empire nailed it with 3/5.

TheGodfather -> (31/10/2010 9:07:41 PM)

In Die Hard 4.0 John McClane got of his retirement to save America again. Afterwards he went back to enjoying his well deserved rest. Now, three years later, he has to leave that rest behind for the second time because he`s on a hit list and has to run for the killers.
That is probably the best way to describe RED and that is the feeling that you get while watching it: it`s a Die Hard gone soft, with an all star cast but without real humour (although there are funny moments in it) and action. It`s nice for as long as it runs but nothing more than that. That John Malkovich and the-always-a-joy-to-watch Mary-Louise Parker are the high points of the film and not the lead character tells you all you need to know.


jcthefirst -> RE: (2/11/2010 9:57:48 PM)

Dull. As. Fuck.

Another phoned in Willis performance, the usual 'wacky' guy from Mackovich, all the humour misses the mark and the action is boring (save for Willis' casual walk out of the spinning car)

Only good thing about it was Urban. And Mary Louise Parker's boobs.

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