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Empire Admin -> Hobbit Casting Buzz Builds Up Again (17/10/2010 11:17:06 PM)

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captainamazing -> RE: 2nd Choice (18/10/2010 9:44:17 AM)

Would that not make it like Xsss or whatever its called in Ferngulley?

Still, Tim Curry would be fun as always...

dontcallmeshirley -> RE: 2nd Choice (18/10/2010 10:03:14 AM)

Woah woah woah, 3 dwarves? Surely that should be 13? Unless they seriously can't be bothered with all the dwarf make-up?

Also still don't think Freeman is the best choice...I do like the idea of Tom Hollander that's been mooted, but I don't see it happening.

Rgirvan44 -> RE: 2nd Choice (18/10/2010 10:58:03 AM)

Be funny if both Magnetos are in the same film. Also, with Freeman, Nesbitt and Tennent all up for roles, you have to wonder if Jackson has been chatting to Steven Moffat inbetween Tintin script sessions.

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