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Empire Admin -> Restrepo (7/10/2010 2:28:37 AM)

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superdan -> RE: Restrepo (7/10/2010 3:02:23 PM)

If this film is even half as good as the book then it's a must-see for me. Really want to see this, but it's not showing anywhere in my town [:(]

Qwerty Norris -> RE: Restrepo (7/10/2010 4:46:30 PM)

Had this on my original list to see at the Edinburgh Film Festival but I had to drop it. Hopefully it gets some good distribution up here too cause I'm really keen to see it....

Cinetalk -> RE: Restrepo (12/10/2010 8:21:33 PM)

A really powerful film, worth watching.

Read our review here :

Groovy Mule -> RE: Restrepo (18/10/2010 12:13:05 AM)

A terrific film which doesn't get into the rights or wrongs of war but simply holds a mirror up to the realities of life fighting the insurgency in the Korengal Valley.  The talking heads add a lot of depth to the real time footage of the soldiers going about daily life - whether chilling out, taking fire or meeting the local village elders in an attempt to win the hearts and minds of those who the Taliban would like to see helping them.

I highly recommend this film.

Timon -> RE: Restrepo (10/11/2010 8:41:48 AM)

I wasn't that impressed to be honest. For a company that was in the 'most dangerous position' on the planet for 15 months, I never felt they were in that much danger, especially the amount of times they were dicking around.

Not just that, but with the exception of a couple of the soldiers, most of the troops seem to be completely nuts. Even the titular Doc Restrepo, when they're telling stories about him, it's mainly about how he got drunk, got a knife and wanted to stab people....

It was an interesting insight, but it was hardly 'Platoon in Afganistan' which, for better or worse, I was hoping it would be.


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