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Empire Admin -> Joaquin Phoenix To Fill Big Shoes? (10/9/2010 12:07:09 PM)

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johnnyjaan -> Is Wasikowski the right chioce!!? (13/10/2010 4:58:00 PM)

I have absolutely no doubt that Joaquin Phoenix will do an excellent Job of the role, The work of Miss Mia Wasikowska, I’m less familiar with. But, what I can say with a degree of humble authority is that I hope The Casting Director, if indeed Mr. Steven Shainsberg, had made the right choice. The right choice in this instance is NOT just about her acting abilities, but does she have Nice Feet? befitting of a Foot Fetishist? Shoes, even sexy shoes, hide the feet! Looking at pictures of Super Models and Actresses throughout the years, one notices that in most cases, their Feet do NOT match their image. In fact most super Models and Actresses HIDE their feet. There was once a story about one of the super models who had Foot surgery to fit into a Manolo Blahnik! So, what kind of feet did she have and has NOW after an operation! So, be warned, Nice and greatly looked after Feet is essential for a Foot Fetishist, unless of course you are into Ugly, or deformed feet in which case anyone can play the role but who’d want to see that movie! I wonder where you can get an image of Wasikowska’s feet!!?? I guess Shoe labels will be Rushing to get thier shoes on stage! Me…Have Camera, Will Travel!

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