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Empire Admin -> Mark Millar On Kick-Ass 2 (10/9/2010 11:14:56 AM)

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lukeyboy -> RE: Mark Millar On Kick-Ass 2 (10/9/2010 12:03:09 PM)

Mark Millar writes great comics no doubt and Kick Ass was all kinds of awesome, but he is most definitely a self promoting sell-out, and i still haven't forgiven him for letting Wanted get completely bum-raped and made into a movie. Although it wasn't totally terrible it was absolutely NOTHING like the comic book, and not only did Millar let it happen he fucking promoted it!! Like i say, sell-out!![:@]

But Kick Ass is something that i think can be built on, and i for one like the sound of McLovin the Mutherfucker!! But darker than Heath Ledger's Joker you say? Yeah, you can try sunshine.........

jmebaby25 -> RE: Mark Millar On Kick-Ass 2 (10/9/2010 1:14:49 PM)

I liked Kick Ass. Whilst it was great fun, it had a fair few flaws and at best was a 4star film. It's not in the same league as Scott Pilgrim which I do think deserved its five stars. However, that's all opinion I guess. My point is - Kick Ass was great.

The major flaw though was that Red Mist was absolutely terrible. Dreadful. The guy can't act. To base a sequel around him as the villian is a bad idea. Thankfully he wasn't on screen much in Kick Ass, but every time he was I felt myself looking around for a sharp object to jam into my eyes.

Oh - and darker than Ledger's Joker? Maybe I was wrong and Kick Ass 2 will be awesome... they've clearly started with great jokes already.

pete_traynor -> RE: I'm gonna look forward to that. (10/9/2010 1:56:19 PM)

That must have taken all of 5 minutes to come up with!

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