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Empire Admin -> The Secret In Their Eyes (9/8/2010 2:08:45 PM)

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Qwerty Norris -> elegant melodrama, but nothing more. (9/8/2010 2:08:45 PM)

An excellent & beautifully crafted piece of soap operasque melodrama, but that's really all it is. The performances all round are excellent - providing a satisfying amount of humour & heart - whilst some of the sequences are extraordinary - the stadium scene being a prime example.

But when it's all done to support a plot with so many shameful contrivances and half-baked solutions one can help feeling a bit cheated. Some will argue that it has political importance and is thematically tied into the Argentinean dictatorship of the 70s, but in all honesty it has little or no interest in this whatsoever and is far keener to soldier on with its clichéd romance story and its flimsy investigational crime plot. Overall an enjoyable, well constructed, commercially appealing trashy romp, but nowhere in a million years is it an Oscar worthy film in the shape of 'A Prophet' or 'The White Ribbon.'


shady_88 -> Nothin special (9/8/2010 5:54:52 PM)

Overrated movie, of Empire empire, You like typical simple story. The White Ribbon is much better movie, that film was suppoued to get Oscar. TSITE is typical movie fir american critics

Deviation -> RE: Nothin special (9/8/2010 6:35:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: shady_88

Overrated movie, of Empire empire, You like typical simple story. The White Ribbon is much better movie, that film was suppoued to get Oscar. TSITE is typical movie fir american critics

They also liked The White Ribbon, so I think they like the more complex stuff too.

Qwerty Norris -> RE: Nothin special (10/8/2010 4:43:47 AM)


ORIGINAL: Deviation


ORIGINAL: shady_88

Overrated movie, of Empire empire, You like typical simple story. The White Ribbon is much better movie, that film was suppoued to get Oscar. TSITE is typical movie fir american critics

They also liked The White Ribbon, so I think they like the more complex stuff too.

Although Nev didn't....[;)]

Deviation -> RE: Nothin special (10/8/2010 7:47:28 PM)

Who cares about Nev?[:D]

shady_88 -> RE: Nothin special (14/8/2010 12:55:15 PM)

The White Ribbon is much better movie than typical TSITE. TWR 4/5 Wtf? Twilight also got 4/5, but this is not the same level. The White Ribbon is almost a masterpiece, one of the greatest german movies of decade, I don't understand why american and britich critics prefer movies like Avatar and TSITE.

Deviation -> RE: Nothin special (14/8/2010 2:22:24 PM)

Just to get this, TSITE is a worse film than The White Ribbon becuase it is more conventional? And Avatar? I am not sure what that has to do with the two other films mentioned here. I am pretty sure The White Ribbon has a higher rating.

Qwerty Norris -> RE: Nothin special (15/8/2010 4:42:18 PM)

I don't think it's worth getting too upset over the decisions the Academy make given they have a track record of awarding films that go against the consensus of opinion (i.e. Forrest Gump, Crash, the lack of oscar for Hitchcock etc), but that doesn't mean TSITE is a poor film. It's a really good one, just a bit too melodramatic for my liking and not as important as the previously mentioned likes of 'The White Ribbon' & 'A Prophet.'

cheekylou82 -> RE: The Secret In Their Eyes (19/8/2010 12:39:47 PM)


I saw this last night and I thought it was excellent. I haven't seen The White Ribbon or A Prophet (tales of the razor scene have put me off completely - I'm a wimp!) so I can't compare and can't say whether or not it should have got an Oscar - if the competition was poor then probably, but if it was strong (and by all accounts it was extremely strong - imagine if LTROI had been eligible!) then probably not.

As I say, I really enjoyed it, though I am surprised it got 5 stars. The acting was execellent, with enough light relief and witty lines to counteract the harsh subject matter. But I thought the 'investigating' was way too flimsy. You pick someone out from a photo cos they look a bit shifty, discover they support a particular football team so go and apprehend them, and because he stares down a woman's top all of a sudden he is the murderer! Bit far fetched, that part could have been a hell of a lot stronger (and that part, afterall, is the main focus of the bloomin' story!).

So possibly not a 5 star film. However, I really liked the pace of the film, and as I said, I thought the acting was superb. A few petty plot nitpicks aside, I thought this film was excellent and would definitely recommend. Whether or not it deserved the Oscar is not a reason not to like it/appreciate it for being a very good film.

capazz7 -> RE: The Secret In Their Eyes (19/8/2010 2:53:29 PM)

I give 5 statrs to this fim is not boring

elab49 -> RE: Nothin special (19/8/2010 2:58:29 PM)


ORIGINAL: shady_88

Overrated movie, of Empire empire, You like typical simple story. The White Ribbon is much better movie, that film was suppoued to get Oscar. TSITE is typical movie fir american critics

If you think a movie that includes themes of redemption and revenge and leaving the past behind - when that past is specifically troubled times in Argentina - is a 'typical simple story' then I can only completely disagree. Even the surface levels were more complex than that.

Watching it before the Oscars, and being a big fan of A Prophet, I backed this for the, deserved, win.[:)]

ElephantBoy -> RE: Nothin special (19/8/2010 5:46:16 PM)

Well it will take some for it to beat the other contenders, but I hear good things, and I look forward to seeing it.

Spacegoat -> RE: The Secret In Their Eyes (19/8/2010 5:53:48 PM)

Ignore the low score from the guy who threw a tantrum because this beat his favourite film to the Oscar (seriously, who gives a toss?) and look it up, it's excellent.

djphilips -> (7/9/2010 7:25:40 PM)

The Oscar winner of 2009's Best Foreign Film, The Secret in Their Eyes is one of the best films of the decade. Its pure simplicity is its greatest strenght, as it allows its significant themes of passion and regret to shine through and captivate their audience. Campanella's directing skills are wondrous, perfectly uniting with his superb script to make something truly exceptional; this is what films should aspire to be. For once, filmgoers will be able to experience proof that explosions and gunfire are not needed to steal the viewer's attention. Instead, all one needs to do is grab hold of what is truly important: the human soul. As many have said before, this one will stay with you. That, I am proud to declare, is an understatement.

vipey -> Pure Cinema (26/10/2010 8:37:18 AM)

The best film of 2010 without a doubt - this is pure cinema. Brilliantly written, superbly acted and above all beautifully shot - the scene at the football match is breathaking - this film really does have resonance. Love, loss, redemption - I haven't stopped thinking about this film since I saw it.

emmagd -> Amazing (18/1/2011 11:22:05 AM)

This film is amazing. The acting is phenomenal, the story brilliant. I didn't want it to end.

jerkyjudas -> **** (5/2/2011 8:34:09 AM)

Brooding gripping movie really enjoyed it.

gordon livey -> the bride (9/2/2011 6:20:31 PM)

if ever a movie deserved its 5 stars weighted in gold this is the one for me. heres a few reasons for my opening line, firstly this picture looks beautifull its classy and seems to have a style all its own, also the story is strong in the end i was putting myself in the position of the murdered girls husband and it raised a lot of thought in my limited mind but what made me love this movie was the characters i liked ricardo darin so much i ran out and bought Nine Queens its worth a watch, i must be an old romantic because the relationship between esposito his friend and boss was mesmerising, the acting here is first class and i will be keeping an eye on director and actors for future ventures. i found this film to be relevant for these times and made me think about the meaning of the word justice. This is a film to be debated and loved over and over again, shame about the dvds poor special features. but the main feature is worth every penny. Hope you enjoy...

Harri Singh -> The Secret In Their Eyes (3/3/2011 2:30:20 PM)

One of the best movies I seen for a long time. Definitely deserved an oscar. This movie has everything such as politics, humour, corruption, love, mystery and murder all in a well constructed plot. the performances are top notch and u can tell. This movie also carries a vibrant and beautiful feeling whilst watching and it is never boring. i just became a fan of Ricardo Darn from watching this and decided to rent nine queens, good movie but not as good as this. if u love good movies, do youreslf a favour and watch this one. Believe me, this one will stay with u for a very long time.

Harri Singh -> RE: the bride (3/3/2011 2:36:30 PM)

i totally agree!!!

film man aidy -> RE: the bride (3/3/2011 8:24:38 PM)

Picked this up last week from the market for 2! Watched it out of total curiousity. Really glad I did as this is hands down my favourite film of the last two years (along with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). The ending in particular, left me thinking about it long afterwards. This was a couple of hours of my time that reminded me why I love movies so much. Please god, don't let hollywood butcher this with a remake...Easiest five stars I've given to a film. See. It. Now.

gzus -> (12/3/2011 2:30:54 PM)

A quite wonderful piece of cinema about how we spend our lives, with an ending that'll leave you breathless. Beautiful sets and use of colours to convey past, present and memory, reminiscent of' 'Once Upon A Time in America' as Darin's character, Esposito flits back and forth from '70's Argentina to the present. With much social commentary and subtle acting, often what dialogue is intended, never has to be, and expressed through clever film-making and acting of the highest calibre. No wonder the title is 'The Secret in their Eyes'. A scene set on a station platform is so simple but , exquisitly executed wrincing every pore for emotion. Only afterwards do we learn this is Espirito's memory of the incident. Stripped down the film is a murder mystery. A who-dunnit. Bit, it's actually much more. A love story. A story about humanity; one man seeking justice in a corrupt system and another on a journay of self discovery after embarking on his memoirs/book. Nevertheless a film of joyous quality with small touches of genuine humour. It could almost be one of those great French films ofbthe '90's, though remains passionately unique.

Timon -> RE: (10/1/2013 9:55:56 AM)

Saw this for the first time last night and really enjoyed it. The stadium sequence is particular was a stand-out. Still scratching my head about how it was accomplished.

Not surprised it won the Oscar, but last year had some very strong contenders.

UTB -> RE: RE: (23/5/2013 9:09:26 AM)

Saw this for the first time last night. It was ok, I'm not sure it deserves the praise it received, to be honest. Soledad Villamil gave the best performance but the rest (and the film) were a bit melodramatic I found. The stadium sequence was terrific, though.

It was, dare I say, run of the mill? Middle of the road?

The 'old' make up was pretty crap, though. [:D]

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