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Empire Admin -> New Poster For Shyamalan's Devil (4/8/2010 8:28:51 AM)

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sharkboy -> M Night, please don't let us down again! (4/8/2010 9:26:35 AM)

Has ever a director plunged so much in public affection as Shyamalan?  After a trio of great movies (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and, yes, Signs), we should have been wary that The Village was the start of the decline.  But nothing could have prepared us for just how quick and far that decline would come, with the unholy trinity of movies that were The Happening, Lady In The Water and The Last Airbender.

Every time the pitch for the latest movie is released, I get a little excited at the prospect.  But of late, that tends to be where the excitement ends.  I really hope for a return to form with Devil because, as he proved with his earlier output, when he's good, he's really good.

According to IMDB, he has a movie called The Night Chronicles: Twelve Strangers in development.  Hmm...Devils, Twelve Strangers (Apostles perhaps?)...wonder where this is going?[sm=33.gif]

Tech_Noir -> RE: M Night, please don't let us down again! (4/8/2010 9:37:57 AM)

The Village wasn't the start of the decline, it was Lady in The Water, a film that didn't seem to have a story at all despite being a story about stories (from what I remember).

He's made four fantastic films that I greatly admire, it's painful that Lady in The Water and The Happening exist.

The Last Airbender is now the first M Night Shyamalan film I haven't seen on the big screen. [:(]

sharkboy -> RE: what an arse (4/8/2010 10:14:57 AM)


ORIGINAL: richithekiller

The Night Chronicles? Pretentious much? Is there no one around to tell this guy how annoying and talentless he's become.

Given the subject matter, don't you think it's just possible that it refers to that period after sunset rather than a name check? [8|]  As for your last question, I thought that was what the internet was for - once you've viewed enough porn of course! [:D]

jmebaby25 -> RE: The John Carpenter Parallel......... (4/8/2010 1:19:55 PM)

I see what you're saying and I don't massively disagree, but I think you're being overly generous.

The Sixth Sense will be remembered because it received such huge attention. His other films (even the kinda OK Signs) are a mixture of forgetable and Oh-My-God-Awful.

I think that such unbelievably bad and arrogant film-making (Lady in the Water anyone?) has not only damaged Shyamalan's reputation, but also the reputation of The Sixth Sense.

Let me put it this way. Even with all of Carpenter's crap, I can still watch The Thing and think - masterpiece/classic.

Now when I watch The Sixth Sense (which I don't think survives particularly well on a second viewing - unlike The Usual Suspects and other notable "twist" films), I just think... "git".

The Todge -> RE: The John Carpenter Parallel......... (4/8/2010 1:29:59 PM)


ORIGINAL: boredbluekoala

Shyamalan's movies, like Carpenter's, started out brilliantly. But after a brief flirtation with success both have lost relevance and quickly became hacks for hire. They were great while they lasted and will be remembered for the classics.

Erm, I think that's stretching things just a wee bit.

Carpenter had way more home runs than Shyamalan.  Aside from the tv movies he did in between, he did Assault on Precinct 13, Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York and The Thing, one after the other.  His early period is pretty much flawless.  Then he hit an awkward period with some hits and misses, some of which I still haven't seen and then Escape From LA and that was pretty much all she wrote.  That aside, he has earned his place in the list of greats.

Shyamalan has made one film that will no doubt be reemmbered as a classic (The Sixth Sense) but which actually is not that great.  It's not that it's a bad film at all, but a lot of the good stuff has been cribbed from other much better films.  Unbreakable is probably his best film.  The dip started after that.  He got increasingly lost up his own arse and started giving himself bigger part in his films.  Possibly he's just a frustrated actor trying to be a filmmaker.

And he's obviously a raving ego maniac if he reckosn Lady In the Water is any good.

But don't compare the two, there's a wealth of difference.  Carpenter has his own style and clearly knows what he's doing even if he now prefers to just sell out and smoke all day.  Shyamalan looked at what other people did and reckoned he could give that a go too.

The Todge -> RE: carpenter is king long live the king (4/8/2010 4:50:36 PM)


ORIGINAL: hi charlie
I wish people would actually watch his entire ouvre before they make statements about him that don't hold true, because they've ussualy heard some other equally ill informed phillistine say the same.

Like what?

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