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Empire Admin -> Yogi Bear Teaser Online (29/7/2010 8:11:48 AM)

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oui3d -> RE: It's live action!? (29/7/2010 1:06:55 PM)

I am the last festering chunks of Dan Ackroyd's credibility.....

The Todge -> RE: It's live action!? (29/7/2010 1:08:20 PM)

Well the trailer didn't have a gag where Yogi or Boo Boo eat shit so it gets my vote already/

ANd JT does do a fairly spot on Boo Boo.  Yeah it's aimed at kids of course it is.  This is a surprise or something?

willkillyoulast -> Well well well... (1/8/2010 5:09:42 PM)

Look what we got here. Justin Timberlake is admittedly a better movie judge than a music judge (he's bringing nauseous back, that's for sure), but still...he's acted in a few flops. Not the mild ones, either. Those flops that flop so bad it's like a trillion thunder claps at once. So what do we expect from this, with his presence?
And, let's not forget the awesome Dan Ackroyd who, like a male Sandra Bullock, is loveable but has an equal number of bad and good movies to his name.
And there's Anna Faris, who is pretty damn funny when she gets into a role...
But it's Yogi Bear. Even if it has a likeable (ish) cast, can we really say that it looks great? The trailer is as average as they come. Let's hope it does Kick-Ass on it (let's admit, as much as we were all dying to see it, the trailer didn't help matters much) and is actually GOOD. For the kids sake, of course. And the childhood fans (I have cousins who used to play a video of it whenever me and my sister visited...it got tiring). Let's hope.

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