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benskelly -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:58:10 PM)

So true, Piles. 

You gotta' admit though - sure gets us clicking like monkeys with a cocaine button.

Piles -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:59:58 PM)

Also, Amelie at number two? Highest Godard at number 75? And that's 'Breathless'? Your list is rubbish.

Piles -> RE: Mesrine!!!?? (14/6/2010 10:03:02 PM)


ORIGINAL: Bobby TwoTimes

Possibly one of the greatest gangster movies ever made, certainly Vincent Cassel's masterpiece and the best French films since Irreversible (another one missing!).

Not a great list Empire, it must be said.

There's not a single Rohmer film in this list and you are complaining about Mesrine?

rawlinson -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (15/6/2010 12:17:00 AM)


ORIGINAL: swordsandsandals

Films not in the English Language then?

With the obvious rule that Na'vi doesn't count as a language.

benskelly -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (15/6/2010 12:18:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: rawlinson


ORIGINAL: swordsandsandals

Films not in the English Language then?

With the obvious rule that Na'vi doesn't count as a language.

Or Klingon.

demoncleaner -> RE: The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema (15/6/2010 7:28:30 PM)

Just to point out a wee bijou error-ette (for my own near-sexual gratification than for editorial concern) but the Rashomon remake that credits Kurosawa as co-writer is The Outrage, not  The Outlaw.

*lights cigarette*

Qwerty Norris -> RE: (17/6/2010 2:46:06 PM)

A good list there Empire, admittedly there's a lot I haven't seen but looking at what's on it I'm intrigued to see a number of stuff there.

Still, I'm pretty disappointed you couldn't find a spot for the likes of Fitzcarraldo, the Lives of Others, the Diving Bell & the Butterfly, Au Revoir Les Enfants & the Return- and yet find room for the likes of Infernal Affairs to be so high on the list.

Each to their own though I guess.....

LastSamurai -> RE: Top 100 (19/6/2010 1:38:00 AM)

Hmmm... Ichi the Killer? Plus im enjoying hearing everyones opinions on other films they think should be on the list. The several that a few people have mentioned that weren't  i'm gonna try and watch. Perhaps if people could write a little about each film that was missed off people can just look em up and draw there own conclusions. Then we could perhaps do our own Top 100 with a more "educated" audience.

Miles Messervy 007 -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (19/6/2010 5:09:52 PM)


ORIGINAL: elab49

It'd certainly be interesting definition wise if posters like Dantes and Fernetcontonica took part [:D]
The list is an odd mix, but I had suitably low expectations and a horrible film at number 2 is sort of redeemed by some of the more interesting choices.

swordsandsandals -> RE: This list sucks (19/6/2010 11:01:21 PM)


ORIGINAL: shady_88
oh Empire, you make me laugh

Why? Because they don't have exactly the same film taste as you?

hiptobesquare_x -> RE: (19/6/2010 11:45:27 PM)

It isn't an appalling list but when you consider the fact that it is composed of every film not from the UK or the USA then 100 is a ridiculously small number to narrow it down to. I think it's as good a place as any to start for someone who wants to get in to World Cinema (eurgh how naff that sounds...). You get the picture.

Perros -> RE: RE: (20/6/2010 2:07:32 AM)

Absolutely terrible list. Good movies, terrible rankings. Also, no way in hell should Spirited Away be that high in the list. I've seen this movie twice and it's not as good as you all make it out to be.

Ultimo Lee -> RE: nice list, but... (20/6/2010 7:13:05 PM)


ORIGINAL: nunojordao

where's Gomorra?

It came 852th........which is way too high

Miles Messervy 007 -> RE: This list sucks (20/6/2010 10:43:25 PM)


ORIGINAL: shady_88
oh you make me laugh

spamandham -> RE: (21/6/2010 4:11:21 PM)

The 'what not to say' on the Polanski entry made me lol

spamandham -> RE: RE: (21/6/2010 4:13:58 PM)

Oh and this list inspired me to finally get round to watching Let the right one in.

So well done.

TimBurtonVoodooGirl -> RE: RE: (21/6/2010 11:55:13 PM)

I think Pan's Labyrinth should of been higher, it's one of the best films ever made!!
And I agree with Popcorn Required, where is Amores Perros?? And also films like Life Is Beautiful, Talk To Her, Volver. You said that Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown wasn't as scrubbed up as Volver, so why didn't you include volver in your list?? >.> Apart from that, some pretty good films, not sure how much I agree with the rankings though :-/ Un Chien Andalou should of been a bit higher I think, though. 80 years and it still manages to shock and disturb it's audiences, that is impressive.

elab49 -> RE: What is the "world" anyway? (25/6/2010 4:20:15 PM)

World Cinema would be a standard recognised category in this country used by all sites and DVD outlets. It is clearly from really one point of view - but it is a British magazine, so World being defined as non-English language isn't patronising. It just 'is'.

rawlinson -> RE: What is the "world" anyway? (25/6/2010 4:32:29 PM)



I'm sure I'm not the first person to comment on the vaguely patronising tone of this whole thing, effectively setting a separate kids table for films made in other languages.

Or maybe it's a magazine trying to expand the viewing of their core fanbase by recommending 100 non-English language films? The list might not be perfect, these kind of lists never are, but it's a worthy aim. Talking about it as a kid's table is just seeing what you want to see instead of what's actually there.


The 100 films are then selected from those known in this country, leaving in the wilderness hundreds of possibly great or greater films which have not had the luck or funding to come to the attention of the English-speaking world.

And maybe the more that publications like Empire encourage an interest in foreign language films the more likely it is that a fanbase will grow and people will find themselves searching out more obscure films.

fernetcontonica -> RE: (26/6/2010 10:15:14 PM)

I also think is worthy but being foreign myself and most films to my eyes too I find it rather odd myself and a list of myself would not be like this at all but that's a cultural perception issue. There's a set of films that hoarde the attention and some truly awesome stuff is not even left off on purpose because they don't even get any presence. Sometimes films that arrived here quickly take even a couple of years to hit the UK. It's not Empire's fault at all but I'd like to see them venturing deeper into the films the world offers. [:)]

eldiabolik -> RE: RE: (27/6/2010 12:03:36 PM)

I didn't see any Robert Bresson on that list, which in turn makes any such list worthless. A joke in fact.

LastSamurai -> RE: Pffft amend the list already (27/6/2010 9:26:46 PM)

After reading some posts i've watched a few of the films that weren't on the Top 100 list. Just finiished watchin Irreversible and WOW , great film. Gritty, real, and dark. Nicely acted and the "memento style" chronological way the film plays worked very well. Starts off a little slow but really gets going after 15 mins or so. If you've not seen this id personally recommend it. Defo a top 20 for me now.

bizarro -> RE: Great list, but.. (6/7/2010 7:56:07 AM)

My only real gripe with the list is how low Ikiru is.

sharkboy -> RE: What?! (22/11/2010 4:09:36 PM)

[uh-pin-yuh[image][/image]n]  –noun
1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.[8|]

SeanNessman -> RE: (9/11/2012 1:52:43 PM)

Stupid. Please read the title please. The films listed are not supposed to be in English.

elab49 -> RE: A list with inexcusable omissions. (29/12/2013 5:54:56 PM)

Ah, but some of us would happily have a world top 100 without most of those. Likely an Ophuls, possibly a Malle, but unlikely with only 100. Definitely Mizoguchi. [:)]

elab49 -> RE: This is BULLSHIT!!!! (30/1/2014 10:10:29 AM)


ORIGINAL: ThisIsBullshit69

Where is the GODFATHER!!??!!!!

The movie maked from Mario Puzo´s novel!!???!!!!!!

I think this might be a slight misreading of the term 'world cinema'. [:)]

Moviesfan9 -> RE: The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema (30/6/2014 1:34:00 AM)

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