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Empire Admin -> The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema (10/6/2010 10:02:36 PM)

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Funkyrae -> RE: I'll be the first to bitch... (11/6/2010 11:14:18 AM)


ORIGINAL: Snake-Eyes

THE ORPHANAGE? IRREVERSIBLE? actually, 'The greatest films not in the English language'? yeah, so where were PASSION OF THE CHRIST and APOCALYPTO? And what about Snake-Eyes' Favourite - LE PACTE DES LOUPS?!

Hopefully in the bin where they belong!

Helen OHara -> RE: Missing? (11/6/2010 1:58:17 PM)

Just to address a few of the points raised, we make no apologies whatsoever for the films on the list or their placement. This list was derived from a MUCH longer long list which included most of those y'all have suggested (except A Very Long Engagement - it ain't all that) and we narrowed it down to something that felt fair and representative to us.

On a couple of the smaller mistakes, we're fixing those now. The classification of Persepolis and Un Chien Andalou as non-French was partly because of the directors and partly (if I'm honest) trying not to make it such a home run for the darn Frenchies, who have a nasty habit of making consistently brilliant films.

tftrman -> RE: Missing? (11/6/2010 2:24:04 PM)

Some of the suggestions people are making just wouldn't get near a top 100 list -

City Of Lost Children - It's good but uneven in tone and the ending is badly written.
Sympathy For Mr Vengeance - Not even the best of Chan-wook's vengeance trilogy
Irreversible - That's a tough one, it's a really powerful film but there's no re-watch appeal for me so wouldn't make the list either.

Mrs.Doyle -> RE: COME AND SEE'S A BIG PILE OF SHIT! (11/6/2010 4:04:00 PM)

Ki-duk Kim's  2003 "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring" (Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom) anyone?? Amazing Korean film that had us enthralled when shown on TV a few years back. Also Jules and Jim and Cinema Paradiso not in Top Ten!

livila -> RE: Great list (11/6/2010 4:08:46 PM)


ORIGINAL: edwardon

Great list, but I'd also like to have seen included Letters from Iwo Jima, The Lives of Others, La Mala Educacion, Eat Drink Man Woman, The Orphanage and La Reine Margot

Yes, definately La Reine Margot. I think with a proper dvd release rather than the cut US version, this film would be remembered again. Full version is available in Germany but not France.

Other than that, great list. Personally I'd have After the Wedding, Volver and Twin Sisters in there.

livila -> RE: Honestly, how could you miss (11/6/2010 4:12:54 PM)


ORIGINAL: Phanda03

Au revoir, les enfants?????

I love that film too.

Boyden -> RE: (11/6/2010 6:42:56 PM)

What is the reasoning to leaving out The Lives of others, Irreversible, Funny Games and Alexander Nevsky?

The Waco Kid -> RE: (11/6/2010 7:31:09 PM)

what about Man bites dog ( i thought it was bloody funny)
or two films i think beat jean de florette/manon des source they being

la gloire de mon pere
le chateau de ma mere


SultanAmeer -> Devdas and Lagaan, seriously? (11/6/2010 8:16:57 PM)

I won't argue about great movies like Rashomon and Nosferatu are lower in the list than less-great movie like Let The Right One In, City of God and Pan's Labyrinth because this won't change the mind of the person(s) who compiled that list but what about two not so great Bollywood movies in the list. Devdas and Lagaan both upper in the list than Mother India, seriously? Even most Bollywood critics won't agree with that. What about real great Bollywood movies like Pyaasa, Devdas (1955), Do Bigha Zamin, these movies are way better than Devdas and Lagaan and they are not even in that list. They should've research more before compiling that list.

What's the issue with this quote "Shahrukh Khan isn't the Tom Cruise of Bollywood. Tom Cruise is the Shahrukh Khan of Hollywood!" They certainly didn't watch Shahrukh Khan's other performances or they just don't like Tom Cruise.

Doesn't Das Boot released in 1981?

Megalo-who? -> RE: Did I miss BETTY BLUE in there? wtf (11/6/2010 9:58:38 PM)


ORIGINAL: Wrathschild

and how about STALKER hmmm.

Other than Andrei Rublev and Solaris, Empire never mentions Tarkovsky. But yes, Mirror, Stalker, Notalgia and The Sacrifice should all be on there. Oh yeah and The Lives Of Others, a glaring omission considering the populist nature of the list and the fact that it towers above.

itzibitzius -> RE: (12/6/2010 10:09:19 AM)

They mixed up the descriptions of Touki Bouki and Xala... Get it sorted Empire!

JapStrangler -> RE: (12/6/2010 3:42:25 PM)


ORIGINAL: mcclane3011

Just the 1 bruce lee movie? Hardboiled needs to be much higher! and what about the killer...where the hell was that??!! Also what about jackie Chan's project A. At the risk of pissing a lot of people off seven samurai is much over rated and needs to be much lower. Korean war epic brotherhood should be on the list.Perhaps next time this kind of list is done it should be a list compiled by readers.

Actually, why can't we have a reader's poll?

evildave69 -> RE: RE: (12/6/2010 4:07:26 PM)

Reader's Poll eh? Do you not remember 'The 50 Worst Films Ever' list. If anything it proves that readers as a collective, whether Empire or not, no a truck load of fuck-all.

benskelly -> RE: Missing in favor of violence? (12/6/2010 8:29:53 PM)

Okay, I have my gripes as well...

First of all, not including PELLE THE CONQUERER is a sin of the highest order.  Secondly, HOUSE OF THE FLYING DAGGERS should be much higher up, and I'd dump CROUCHING TIGER...

Then you need to open up your eyes to Jacques Becker's French crime masterpieces: LE TROU (THE HOLE), TOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI, and CASQUE D'OR.

And the Japanese samurai classic HARA KIRI.

And where's BETTY BLUE?  Or, for that matter, LA FEMME NIKITA??

Carry on.

swordsandsandals -> RE: Missing in favor of violence? (12/6/2010 11:18:52 PM)

I'm going to focus on the positives.

The Seven Samurai, Ikiru, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Aguirre, City of God, Pan's Labyrinth and others are all masterpieces. I'm only in the Top 50 at the moment as well.

Deviation -> RE: (13/6/2010 6:12:09 PM)

Yes there are some strange omissions but still a great 100 List nontheless. 

Ultimo Lee -> RE: (14/6/2010 1:28:06 AM)

Why when there's a list is there so many first time posters?

Not bad managed to have seen 53 of them, my top 10 in no particular order would be

City of God
Infernal Affairs
Jean de Florette / Manon des Sources
A Prophet
The Vanishing
Hard Boiled
Battle Royale
Goodbye Lenin

benskelly -> RE: Oldboy is good enough to be that high in the list. (14/6/2010 7:37:01 AM)

Wow, a lot of posters on here have terrible taste...

BATTLE ROYALE is utter crap.  It is one of the stupidest films I've ever seen.

SUSPIRIA is the second biggest piece of crap.

CROUCHING TIGER has it's moments, but is incredibly overrated.

FLYING DAGGERS, on the other hand, is a giddy fucking masterpiece and visual feast - so for those of you saying "what???"'re wrong.  Just FYI.   

Now could we stop mentioning THE LIVES OF OTHERS over and over again?  It was a very good film, maybe great, and should have been in the lower half of the list. 

I criticized the list, but jokingly.  It's a fine list.  There's no pleasing everyone.  And I love all these people who want to fill the Top Ten only with films from the last five years.  Gimme' a break.  Watch an old movie once in a while, you snotnosed brats.  Otherwise you really have no idea what you're talking about.  And to the person who complained that RUN LOLA RUN isn't on the the fucking list before you complain!

Carry on. 

benskelly -> RE: (14/6/2010 7:46:41 AM)


ORIGINAL: KillerKane


Maybe for Most Disturbing Use Of A Fire Extinguisher, otherwise...nope.

dankeane -> RE: Very Bad Empire. (14/6/2010 12:25:33 PM)

Eh... Das Boot was made in 1981. What are you talking about?

Kendra71 -> RE: (14/6/2010 1:28:33 PM)

Please tell me I'm not the only person who saw and loved Avalon ?  Wondered about the awesome Belleville Triplets, but couldn't think whether it was foreign language or in fact silent except for the song.  Happy to see Pan's Labyrinth so high.  I wish I could speak spanish so I could watch the film instead of the subtitles, but its still fantastic.  Battle Royle should have been higher as its a riot.  Interesting list all in all.  Reminded me to put Metropolis on my Amazon wish list.

SYMONDS -> RE: Very Bad Empire. (14/6/2010 5:54:28 PM)

That what I said, using some what dubious grammer.

swordsandsandals -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 6:29:05 PM)

How many more people are just going to list films they like but aren't in? They couldn't include every film, and chances are they don't like the one you keep harping on about as much as you do. Simple as that.

On another note, where was Once? I get it was in English, but it should be in every list ever.

rawlinson -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 7:39:00 PM)


ORIGINAL: swordsandsandals

How many more people are just going to list films they like but aren't in? They couldn't include every film, and chances are they don't like the one you keep harping on about as much as you do. Simple as that.

Have you never read one of these threads before? [:D]

elab49 -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 8:07:24 PM)

'course posters could list their personal top 100 World Cinema films, and also confirm they've seen each and every one of the Empire 100.

Just for context.[;)]

swordsandsandals -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:24:35 PM)

Top 100 World Cinema films - that could be an interesting one for us lot at Lists, Elab.

elab49 -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:35:23 PM)

It'd certainly be interesting definition wise if posters like Dantes and Fernetcontonica took part [:D]

swordsandsandals -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:53:16 PM)

Films not in the English Language then?

Piles -> RE: Another interesting addition to the list... (14/6/2010 9:55:57 PM)

Dear Empire,

Please in future can you make it so I don't have to press next a hundred times before I can be outraged by one of your lists. I would much rather be outraged in the space of a simple scroll down a texted list.


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