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shanek1980 -> RE: PETER JACKSON TO DIRECT THE HOBBIT (1/6/2010 1:50:59 PM)

"I'll do it"                 George "Star Treck" Lukas June 1st 2010

rantbot66 -> Fingers crossed.... (1/6/2010 5:48:14 PM)

....three letters....McG.....omg!

Zaphod121 -> Del Toro leaves The Hobbit (2/6/2010 6:59:48 PM)

Hellboy 3 anyone?

willy d -> Talk about feeling deflated! (3/6/2010 11:55:24 AM)

Well, when I originally heard that the Hobbit was going to be made I was pretty excited. What could be better than returning to the fantastical world of Middle Earth?. Then I hear Mr Del Toro was up for the position in the directors chair.....Wicked! He is definitely one of my favourite directors, with a truly original and dark style. Who the hell could possibly pick up the reins now? I've no idea?

I reckon Mr Jackson and Co are pretty gutted, as they should be.

I wait with baited breath to see what further drama's will unfold?

AndyKirk -> Thank the lord (of the rings)! (5/6/2010 11:57:45 AM)

Why is everyone so upset? Although Pan's Labyrinth is ace both Hellboys were massively overrated disappointments. C'mon Jackson - get off your slimmed down arse and direct the movies yourself.

skyrodent -> (7/6/2010 12:16:12 PM)

we're sure it was a "hard hobbit to break"...

brilliant stuff Chris, just brilliant!!!

jkemal -> depressing (7/6/2010 3:54:31 PM)

How comes Hollywood can churn out rubbish after rubbish, remake after remake - filmsthat no one wants to see, yet here we have a story everyone wants to see committed to film, two film makers who really want to make it, and a guarantee of a major box office hit - that somehow can't find its way out of development hell.?

chewynewyork -> Maybe Im a little confused... (7/6/2010 6:58:08 PM)

Although I firmly believe that Del Toro is one of the most talented directors to enter the circuit in a long while, I am strangely proud of his move away from the project (based on the reasons that Jackson stated). I do love Tolkien's epic masterpiece, but it seems a little overkill to split up the prequel into different parts. I mean, there is only one book; would it have been that difficult to squeeze it into one film? And six years??? Again, this is the prequel. It was a great story, of course, but...perhaps I am missing something.

In light of the blatant attempt to weasel money out of the masses with the standard/extended editions of LOTR on dvd and blu-ray, this makes me suspicious of the motives of the production house, overall. Is this about doing the film justice, or something else entirely? Hm.

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