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Empire Admin -> New Nightmare On Elm Street Poster (9/4/2010 10:24:58 AM)

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Biggus -> *** Spelling Police *** (9/4/2010 10:24:58 AM)

'Wreck' revenge for his death?

TheRealMacgyver -> Wasted opportunity (9/4/2010 10:38:34 AM)

They could have done a series of teaser posters with the whole nursery rhyme. Ah well...

losthighway -> Old news! (9/4/2010 11:03:37 AM)

That image was posted up on various websites a few days back. :/

The Todge -> RE: *** Spelling Police *** (9/4/2010 11:14:23 AM)



'Wreck' revenge for his death?

In addition, "Freddie"?

dugfinger -> *** Spelling Police *** (9/4/2010 3:30:46 PM)

Also, "West Craven's original"

Oh Empire, you silly buggers!

dugfinger -> *** Spelling Police *** (9/4/2010 3:33:02 PM)

Love the poster by the way. Very effective.

Never cared for the Freddy films I have to say, so I don't really care about this.

princemadonna -> SCREW THIS RE-MAKE! SCREW PD & MICHAEL BAY! (9/4/2010 5:53:48 PM)

Freddy finally is dead - who wants to go see a blatant copy of a classic movie we've all seen? Sick and tired of re-makes, if it aint broke, don't fix it. Platinum Dunes & Michael Bay suck ass with their lame attempts at horror, used to make a quick buck with no resect for the genre.

RoyalRyan87 -> Nightmare On my street, nevermind ELM! (11/4/2010 1:48:49 AM)

Everyone thinks this film is going to be good because of Jackie Earl Haley, great actor he is, but the film is just another shitty remake, HOLLYWOOD THINK OF SOMETHING ORIGINAL!

C3 -> (12/4/2010 1:08:26 AM)

Glad to see they have updated the makeup. The first images of him looking like he was wearing a phantom of the opera mask were terible. Only thing that will let this down for me is Kellan Lutz is in it..ugh

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