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Empire Admin -> Edgar Wright Talks Scott Pilgrim Trailer (31/3/2010 8:15:19 AM)

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johnpond1989 -> this is going to be epic! (31/3/2010 8:15:19 AM)

Edgar Wright is yet to put a foot wrong and with such a good cast this is going to be awesome. He seems to know what he is doing and is happy with the work that's going into it.
Can't wait.

mroobalooba -> picture 15 (31/3/2010 9:28:37 AM)

I think pic 15 is of Kyle and Ken Katayanagi....i beleieve it was mentioned in one of the Scott Pilgrim blogs that they we're DJ's or something. They may still send a robot against Scott but maybe this is how they enter the movie rather than just walking in at the party!

lankeymarlon -> RE: picture 15 (31/3/2010 10:24:46 AM)

I feel more excited after reading this feature than watching the trailer. The trailer is sort of all over the place where as with Edgar Wright's descriptions of various aspects of the trailer you get a better understanding. Hopefully we get a better theatrical trailer soon.

ernest -> (31/3/2010 12:30:58 PM)

this film looks shit.

ernest -> anna kendrick (31/3/2010 12:41:18 PM)

Wright: She's amazing. She's got incredible comic timing. I remember Bill Pope watching the dailies and saying, 'man, that woman can talk fast!' She plays Stacey Pilgrim, who's based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's sister, Stacey. They got to meet on the set. And the line is partly based on a line from the books - it's got the set-up from the books, but the punchline is from the script.

I suppose it's got nothing to do with the fact he's sticking his cock up her then.

TheAmazingOctopus -> Killer Soundwave (31/3/2010 12:55:52 PM)

I think the Killer Soundwave could be the result of Crash and the Boys' final song from Book One.

BabsyBuck -> Chris Evans is an acting GOD (31/3/2010 3:32:42 PM)


jameswhaleofatime -> picture 11 (31/3/2010 3:33:25 PM)


Ichi1 -> I can't get over Cera. (31/3/2010 9:51:20 PM)

The guy just annoys the hell out of me. And it looks like he will be doing the same old, same old schtick in here too. I want to love this movie so much. everything else seems perfect. But Cera.....meh.

dormill -> (1/4/2010 4:16:26 AM)

Casa Loma FTW!!!

reinhardt76 -> Nick and Nora's Slaylist? (4/4/2010 6:24:25 PM)

Scott Pilgrim vs Superman AND the Human torch, this i gotta seee..

walterforsyth -> Nick and pun (7/4/2010 7:24:36 PM)

Nick and Nunchucks.

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