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Empire Admin -> Leterrier Taking On Y: The Last Man? (29/3/2010 9:26:44 AM)

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Doktor Animal -> Best to wait (29/3/2010 9:26:44 AM)

I've not read all of the Y stories but those that I have, I've found some of the most affecting comics stories I've ever read (and I've read A LOT), so I think this story can wait until it has a sympathetic bunch of creatives on board before it does get made. I'm thinking that somebody like Matthew Vaughn, who has the clout, vision and wherewithall should make this in the way he's made Kick-Ass: get the film made independently, then find a distributor. It's the only way properties such as this will be treated with the respect they deserve

armando -> ??? (29/3/2010 2:53:11 PM)

Where's the freakin review of clash???

TK Baby -> RE: Leterrier Taking On Y: The Last Man? (29/3/2010 9:00:09 PM)

To armando: I attended a preview of Clash of the Titans, it was solid but overall disappointing. I have to say I wouldn't have much faith in Leterrier being at the helm of Y: The Last Man. One of the great aspects of Y: is its deep, nuanced characters and that seem to be vacant in Clash. Matthew Vaughn however, and his remarkable adaptation of Kick-Ass, he's the man for the job.

The_Hat -> Letterier: Y the Last Man (29/3/2010 9:39:16 PM)

Square peg: Round hole.

xzynomorpher -> (29/3/2010 10:37:00 PM)

They should do a TV series instead as there is just so much story to tell they would never be able to cram it all into one (or even three) movies without rushing it. Y The Last Man is one of the greatest comics out there and it needs to be done justice.

Also, keep the original ending please, no cheeky holywood cop outs!

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